Public displays its support for Notre Dame

Thursday, October 5, 2017

School spirit past and present was on display last week at Notre Dame Regional High School, and it was an impressive show.

During the school’s annual Activity Week, fun and sometimes comical competitions were waged, including one assembly where freshmen dressed up like babies, pajamas, rattles and all; sophomores played the role of moms; juniors the dads; and seniors as senior citizens. It was one big, happy family, so to speak.

Besides promoting unity, the week was devoted to fundraising, with the classes in competition with each other. It’s an annual event that has grown, to say the least.

In 1992, the students, parents and staff raised a then-record $24,000. By 2000, the first Activity Week under principal David Migliorino netted $40,000.

That historical perspective is needed when putting forth the proceeds from last week’s activities, which included each class hosting a meal as well as a car wash. Raffles, silent auctions and bake sales also were held each night.

The profits from the week’s activities totaled $259,236. That money goes toward the school budget, “toward tuition, to keep it low, and it goes to any need we have,” Migliorino said.

The senior class of 128 students led the way, reporting profits of $101,000. It equaled the amounts of the junior and sophomore classes combined.

On average, 1,300 dinners were served each night, with the kettle beef proving the most popular, with 1,563 dinners served. And there was an abundance of squeaky-clean cars, with 100 to 125 washed each day.

Migliorino called it a total community effort that displayed a love of all for the school, and we’d have to agree with his words.

“Great spirit all week,” Migliorino said. “We are most grateful to our parents, grandparents, benefactors and the great Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois families who just support us all the time and in particular this past week.”

The school has proven itself as a valuable member of the community, shaping young men and women who will be contributors to society in the future. They also have proven to be contributors to their alma mater.

We applaud the community for displaying its belief in education and youth through financial generosity.

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