Letter to the Editor

Missouri sales tax

We may or may not be voting on a constitutional change to permit the use of medical marijuana here in Missouri.

I have no idea on the efficacy of marijuana as medicine. Studies, where allowed, are inconclusive and opinions vary so I make no commentary on its usefulness.

The ballot measure legalizing marijuana as medicine states that 4 percent sales tax would apply to its purchase and here-in lays my gripe.

Undoubtedly a prescription would be required for the purchase of medical marijuana just like a prescription is required for any number of other medications -- none of which are subject to sales tax.

The lunacy surrounding Missouri sales tax is astounding. The sales tax on prune juice is 3 percent less than the sales tax on toilet paper. A piece of equipment used in farming is sales tax exempt -- the same equipment used by a green house is taxable.

An effort to bring sanity to our sales tax application is long past due. Rather than capriciously picking and choosing items and services to be taxed, our legislature needs to concern themselves with the evenhanded application of this tax.

A more regressive tax cannot be found. Anyone unaware of the spurt of shopping induced by the recent tax-free weekend must have been gathering wild flowers.

If the Republican Party achieves its goal of funding government with sales tax, rest assured the tax will only apply to products and services the rich seldom purchase.

Stanley Robinson, Princeton, Missouri