Letter to the Editor

No death penalty position for ABA

Friday, July 20, 2012

The following letter to the editor was sent in response to the story "Mo. prosecutors stay quiet on death penalty review":A July 12 story by The Associated Press incorrectly reports that state-based death penalty assessment teams, sponsored by the American Bar Association Death Penalty Moratorium Project, have recommended that executions be suspended in seven of nine states studied. In fact, state teams have recommended moratoriums in six of 10 state reviews. The Missouri team, however, did not address whether the state should impose a moratorium. Instead, the team recommended specific reforms to improve the fairness of Missouri's proceedings and minimize the risk of wrongful executions. The ABA Death Penalty Moratorium Project encourages states to undertake comprehensive reviews like the one conducted in Missouri.

It is important to note that the ABA has never taken a position on the death penalty itself. The association has published defense and prosecution guidelines intended to ensure all possible fairness in capital cases. The ABA's policies, studies and the work of its nearly 400,000 members are directed at providing the necessary resources and expertise to judges, prosecutors and defense counsel so that our criminal justice system works with accuracy and justice for all.

WM. T. (BILL) ROBINSON III, president,

American Bar Association, Washington, D.C.