Letter to the Editor

GOP and the 1 percent

Friday, November 18, 2011

"The system is broken" is the common label describing Washington. But it isn't the system; it is one element of that system.

As Congress considers issues confronting our nation, Republican Party leaders repeatedly identify their priority as limiting President Obama to one term; they display no interest in what is best for the nation. As the president and the Democrats propose programs to get America back to work and solve our problems, Republicans consistently reject even those ideas that were originally Republican proposals.

They used to be the Grand Old Party but are now serving only the top 1 percent and short-term corporate megaprofits, ignoring the rest of us; GOP now means Greedy Old Party.

They reject taxing the top 1 percent at a fair rate; refuse taxing corporations escaping payments through loopholes; support bankers who caused the financial crisis; promote tax breaks for corporations making record profits: argue the expanding gap between rich and poor is fair; and reject the science of climate change because addressing the problem might reduce income for the 1 percent that funds their campaigns.

The Greedy Old Party represents government of the 1 percent by the 1 percent for the 1 percent. It's time the 99 percent turn the GOP out.

ALAN JOURNET, Ashland, Ore.