Letter to the Editor

Planning and zoning

Friday, December 3, 2010

I will not be popular making the next statement, but in principle, I support planning and zoning. I understand many of the concerns regarding adding restrictions, but my perspective is centered on having a forum that hears objections with the ability to act, specifically on something that effects my property value and quality of life. Today in the county, there is no process to determine if a subdivision, rock quarry or meatpacking plant is good for the overall community.

I would also like to make a point regarding Mark Lanzotti. He has been pummeled for this issue. He has been unfairly characterized. One measure in the planning and zoning that sheds light as to Mark's intent is that it allows for the county to create its own standard that would override the current proposal.

What would our view be if a meatpacking plant opened up next door? You might be OK with it, but if you aren't, wouldn't you want some standard?

I respect everyone's opinion, and the majority will rule on this issue as they should.

JAMES SIPE, Cape Girardeau