Letter to the Editor

Casino remarks not true

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Casino opponent Dr. Richard Martin is entitled to his opinion on gaming. However, he's not entitled to make up facts.

At a recent forum, Dr. Martin stated that Boyd Gaming was "thrown out of the state of Missouri." Boyd Gaming wasn't thrown out. Boyd left by choice.

Martin also tried to taint Boyd by using guilt by association. Martin referenced Bob Griffin, former house speaker, who was convicted during the 1990s. Griffin's conviction involved the Sahara Casino, not Boyd Gaming.

Dr. Martin cast inferences of impropriety regarding the purchase, ownership and sale of Boyd property. Boyd Gaming purchased property from me, I purchased property from Boyd and I'm working with the Isle of Capri. Obviously, I am the target of Dr. Martin's remarks.

The proposed development by the Isle of Capri will create 450 new jobs. Dr. Martin should explain to the 150 people at Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the 135 people at Delta Express, the 300 people at Thorngate and the 200 people at Dana Corp. how he proposes to replace their lost jobs.

Dr. Martin has said, "I question whether anybody has enough money or enough free time to be spending it the way it is spent on casinos." It is not his business how others spend their time and money.

We have 15 years of gaming experience in Missouri. The voters are entitled to the truth.

DAVID B. KNIGHT, Cape Girardeau