Letter to the Editor

Let's vote on health care

Friday, September 4, 2009

The right to vote is a fundamental factor of democracy. Let us vote on public health care. I believe it won't take more than once on the Missouri ballot to pass, unlike gambling.

Has anyone added up the cost of all our wars since our great country was born? How many corporations profited, and still do, from those American tax dollars? Wars are publicly funded. Was the national debt calculated and announced before war was declared?

I don't feel like a freeloader when I use the public library. Does anyone think Congress or veterans feel like freeloaders when they use publicly funded health care?

This Republican believes in the right to publicly speak. Even though Neanderthal minds with flowery speech and wielding the club of fear make me ashamed to be born in Cape Girardeau, I am thankful the administration shares my views in this regard.

TEENA DAY, Perryville, Mo.