Letter to the Editor

Mercury dangerous for everyone

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

To the editor:

Mercury toxicity is implicated in autism, but it is unwise to ignore the damage it does to all humans. The autism link is only a smokescreen. www.IAOMT.org demonstrates the destruction of neurons with thimerosal content typical of one flu shot. Alzheimer's is the result of the same destruction. One in six children from the 1990s are neuro-developmentally disordered -- hardly an incidental population. Greed and avoidance of legal accountability by doctors covering for the big pharmaceutical companies continues to endanger all of us with exposure to known neuro-toxic mercury. There are no safety studies on levels of mercury exposure injected into tissues. If you like being the epidemiological safety study, get in line. The CDC will dismiss your disorders as mercury related as well. Be wise. Ban it all.