Letter to the Editor

Muslims should speak up

Friday, December 10, 2004

To the editor:

Muslims throughout the world do their religion a disservice through their silence. It is quite obvious that this religion comprises at least two very different sects: those to whom violence and death mean nothing, and those to whom violence and death are abhorrent. What a dichotomy exists within this group.

Where are those Islamic leaders who abhor violence? Where is their voice? The very real prejudice against Islam here in the United States and elsewhere throughout the world is based on what we hear, see and witness regarding these people. If there is no presentation counter to that which we see, hear and witness, there will be no change in the perception of people of this faith.

I entreat people of Islam to denounce the actions of the those for whom your mantra is being devised, or else you all will be subject to the same hatred as those who are doing these evil things. Speak up instead of crying foul. You have done nothing to support your beliefs.

JOHN JUSITS, Cape Girardeau