Letter to the Editor

Chaffee skate rink memories

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I would like to take this time to lament the loss of an important landmark during the recent winter storm: the Willow Grove Skating Rink in Chaffee, Mo.

The skating rink has been a source of fun for generations of residents from not only Chaffee, but also the many surrounding communities.

To the unassuming, casual passer-by, the curious spectacle of the teal green and corrugated metal building sitting off Highway 77 may have gone unnoticed on a weekday afternoon. But on Friday and Saturday evenings, when the bulbous Christmas lights on the building were lit, children of all ages paid a nominal fee to enjoy the skating rink. How many firsts were experienced at the rink? How many birthdays celebrated, hands held, limbos limboed and "Four Corners" won?

The building may have succumbed to the heavy ice, but the memories will last a lifetime. Thank you to the members of the Grojean family for the pure joy that was the Willow Grove Skating Rink.