Seeking our potential

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To be inspired is to be uplifted and encouraged to do something meaningful with our lives. Certainly the audience that heard Patrick Henry Hughes during his recent performance at Cape First Church in Cape Girardeau left uplifted.

Hughes is a University of Louisville college student who is musically gifted and performs with the university's marching band. He also plays the piano and sings -- beautifully. Hughes was born without eyes and can't straighten his limbs. He doesn't let any of that stop him.

This young man has been featured on many TV programs, including "60 Minutes," which showed how young Hughes manages to participate in a marching band. It's because of the constant devotion of his father, Patrick John Hughes, who has taken a leave from his job to help his son.

During marching routines with the band, father races around the football field pushing son in a wheelchair in perfect formation with other band members.

The performance in Cape Girardeau was a fundraiser for the Suzuki Strings at the Southeast Missouri Music Academy. The young violinists are raising money to attend the Singapore International String Conference in December.

Hughes has released a CD. His book, "I Am Potential," is slated to come out in October.

Thank you, Patrick Henry Hughes, for sharing your story and your amazing musical skills. May we all strive to achieve whatever potential we possess.

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