Letter to the Editor

Gas prices: Enough is enough

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

To the editor:Today I received an e-mail saying if we don't buy gas on May 15, oil companies would lose about $3 billion. This brings to mind the gas prices in the late 1990s. They were high too and we were asked to do the same thing.

I wrote a letter to the editor around that time about the gas prices in Marble Hill compared to the prices in Cape Girardeau and Jackson. The prices were about 20 cents a gallon higher, and a lot of people went to Jackson to fill up. While they were there, they shopped for groceries and feed, taking money away from Marble Hill merchants. I said then that gas suppliers had long arms and deep pockets, and this is true again.

Nobody seems to have an answer for this problem. The White House keeps stuttering about everything from Social Security and health benefits to the unwanted Iraq war. Do you think the war has anything to do with the gas prices? The objective of the war has made as many turns as Highway 51 does leaving Marble Hill.

Our leaders, both in the White House and locally, never really do anything for us. They are wasting time as they travel at our expense trying to explain something they have no clue about.

Not buying gas would be my way of saying enough is enough.

ANDY WIESNER, Marble Hill, Mo.