Letter to the Editor

'42nd Street' is a Cape success story

Thursday, April 26, 2007

To the editor:This past weekend, Cindy and I were fortunate enough to attend the song-and-dance extravaganza "42nd Street" at Rose Theatre on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University. From the moment we took our seats we were treated to a professional production that would rival any in the world. The energy, skill and precision demonstrated on that stage was both magical and historic. I distinctly remember having this overwhelming feeling of "Wow, these guys are really good, and this is all taking place right here in Cape Girardeau."

I first met director Kenn Stilson when he so professionally assisted Cape Girardeau in our quest for the All-America City designation. He is a fascinating man and has served this entire region with great class and professionalism. His cast and crew, which includes the legendary Judith Farris as vocal director, have come together to create a production that at least, for a few hours on a Saturday night, brought a smile to everyone's face and seemed to make everything good in the world -- especially on 42nd Street.

JAY B. KNUDTSON, Mayor, Cape Girardeau