Letter to the Editor

Difficult to understand Lipke's motive

Sunday, April 1, 2007

To the editor:We have seen much commentary regarding the issues of difference between House Speaker Rod Jetton and Rep. Scott Lipke, and the final analysis seems to boil down to Rod Jetton's failure to sufficiently read the bill before the House vote, which he has admitted was a lack of professionalism on the part of he and his staff. On the other hand, Mr. Lipke was passed over as committee chairman because he inserted a provision to eliminate a law that made sex between parties of the same gender illegal because of a constitutional provision that unenforceable laws should be stricken.

Certainly it should be any congressman's prerogative to eliminate unnecessary laws because the system is clogged enough with legislation that we do not need, but are we now saying that Missouri does not need a law to prohibit same-gender sex? Are there absolutely no situations now or in the future where our law enforcement people could use this law in today's society of declining morals? Also, are we saying that it is impossibility that the judges will some day reverse their decision? It is hard to understand Mr. Lipke's motive and harder to understand those who stand by it. As did Mr. Jetton, even a good representative like Mr. Lipke makes a goof now and then and it is accepted and it goes away.

DON CRADER, Marble Hill, Mo.