Letter to the Editor

Doubling track is best solution

Thursday, July 27, 2006

To the editor:

After reviewing a Web site concerning the transfer of railroad track between Rockview and Sikeston from Burlington Northern Santa Fe to Union Pacific, I believe the impact to the public has been greatly understated. I was also surprised the noise nuisance was not more of a talking point.

The alternate proposal of doubling the track from Rockview to Dexter seems much more appropriate. While I would expect the railroad companies to fight for the decision that would give them the greatest financial advantage, it seems that it should be an easy decision for the regulators to make. Building an additional track from Rockview to Dexter would also provide a few jobs for our area.

I drive past the construction site at Rockview daily, and it is obvious that UP is pretty sure of itself. It has already spent a lot of money on the new high-speed curve that appears to be virtually completed. Therefore, in addition to denying the proposed ownership change, regulators should prohibit UP from running its trains from Rockview to Sikeston on the BNSF tracks except on an emergency basis. The reason for concern is that UP is already using the section of track. Without such restrictions, I am concerned that UP and BNSF plan to share the use of the track regardless of the approval of the transfer of ownership.

PHILIP DAME, Chaffee, Mo.