Litter deadline

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Like sheriffs in the Old West who told troublemakers to get out of town before sunset, community leaders in our area a few months ago vowed to clean up their towns by July 4. The area- wide anti-litter campaign appears to be working. People at least are thinking more about how litter affects the quality of our lives.

Thanks to cleanup projects that have been held this spring and the many beautification efforts by individuals, businesses and civic organizations, our area is showing the pride we have in where we live.

Trash pickups have been completed by community organizations and businesses, and more are planned. Thirty-eight organizations are due to receive letters soon from the campaign's cleanup committee asking them to take care of certain parts of Cape Girardeau.

July 4 was the deadline set for achieving the goal of cleaning up the landscape. But the anti-litter campaign is also planning for long-term results, such as beautification at key locations to discourage littering. The campaign is looking into an affiliation with Keep America Beautiful, a national community improvement program.

The search is underway to find a slogan for the campaign. We hope they will be words to live by.

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