Letter to the Editor

Other nations getting better data about Iraq

To the editor:

I really must ask myself why the majority of the people in almost every European nation, including the eastern countries that have signed on with the United States, are against the war? Even in Great Britain, the people are against the war by a large majority. Prime Minister Tony Blair is about to commit political suicide by sticking with President Bush. Turkey, Iraq's near neighbor, should be frightened of Iraq if it is really capable of mass destruction.

Turkey supports the peace effort to avert war. One would think that if Iraq were such a big threat and the only way to deal with it is war that people in Turkey and other surrounding countries would be lining up with Bush to protect themselves. They are not. It simply does not add up.

The people of Europe and other Middle Eastern countries can't all be wrong. I believe their media gives them more and unbiased information, unlike the syndicated news in the United States that is filtered through the big corporate owners that toe the line for the Bush administration. What do the people in these countries know that we do not? The entire situation is related only to the issue of oil and big corporate profits. Why else does Bush continue to push for war when most people around the world do not want it and Saddam Hussein can be dealt with peacefully through the United Nations? Let us not be part of a slaughter for such a sorry reason.


Cape Girardeau