Pavement Ends
James Baughn

Cold, blustery winter weather? Not a problem!

Posted Thursday, December 30, 2010, at 2:23 PM


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  • The power of the wind is amazing. A lockmaster on Florida's Lake Okeechobee said that the wind will cause as much as a three-foot rise on one side of the lake or the other.

    That sloshing effect is what caused the dam to fail in the 1928 Hurricane, killing more than 2,500.

    -- Posted by ksteinhoff on Mon, Jan 3, 2011, at 8:36 AM
  • I nearly rode a jon boat over the dam at Crane Lake when a storm blew in a few years back, waves get higher than you think on that small lake

    -- Posted by Joe Dirte on Thu, May 12, 2011, at 3:17 PM