Jon K. Rust

Jon K. Rust is publisher of the Southeast Missourian and co-president of Rust Communications.

As the world turns at KFVS news

Q: Is it true that KFVS12 doesn't know which way the earth rotates on its axis? Check out the opening clip on the nightly local news.

A: "This is a good question, one we get occasionally," said Paul Keener, director of marketing for KFVS12 and its sister station, UPN The Beat. "Our current graphic package was created by the Raycom Design Group, and has been on the air for several years. When we first launched the package, we received a few calls, mostly from educators, informing us that the globe animation in our newscast restart was spinning in the wrong direction. We told the Design Group, thinking we would receive corrected animation, but the calls stopped, priorities got shifted to other projects, and we pretty much forgot about it. Recently we took a few more calls about the globe and once again requested a corrected animation. This time, they rendered a new animation and, ironically, it should be on the air very soon, if not already on-air by the time this is printed.

"We have also requested a corrected version for our Breakfast Show restart which should be on-air soon as well," said Keener.

"It's not that we intentionally created a backward spinning globe, but most of us here are a little backward ourselves so it looked fine to us. We're thankful that our viewers took the time to set us straight. We hope they keep it up," said Keener.

Q: (Note: The following comment came into Speak Out. I asked Brad Gentry, director of marketing at the Show Me Center for a response.) I have a problem with early ticket sales at the Show Me Center. I have stood in line three times. Each time it was announced that after the numbers were handed out one lucky person in line would win front-row tickets via a random number draw. All three times the tallest, longest-legged, bustiest blonde in line won. Random? I think not.

A: "The Show Me Center has never given away tickets during a first day on sale," said Brad Gentry, director of marketing for the Show Me Center. "Sometimes radio stations will run promotions during an on-air sale, but they do not hand out tickets. The promoter of the event would not allow it. It takes away ticket sales from customers who are already there to buy.

"The Show Me Center First Day Ticket Policy is as follows and it applies to all patrons including tall, long-legged, busty blondes. Sorry ladies.

"There is no line prior to 7 a.m. At that time, a representative of the Show Me Center will indicate where the line starts. Random line tickets will be issued to those persons present. Line members must be in line based on the line ticket number. When the ticket office opens, line members will be admitted to the ticket windows in the order of their ticket number. Those not present at the initial line up will not be issued tickets. Those not present when their number is called will be bypassed. Those arriving after the line tickets are distributed must take their place at the end of the line.

"No one has been authorized by the Show Me Center to make line lists or any other system to control placement in line," Gentry continued. "Any list made is not valid and will not be honored. Only Show Me Center personnel are authorized to begin line placement."

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