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Don't Let this Sugar Substitute KILL your Dog!
Posted Sunday, August 16, at 6:21 PM
I copied and am posting this blog entry in its entirety because I don't want you to miss clicking a link or miss sharing this information with everyone, everyone you know. Xylitol kills dogs and in much smaller quantities than dark chocolate. SHARE THIS BLOG ENTRY ON FACEBOOK AND EVERY WHERE ELSE YOU POST. Lives are at stake. Some low cost peanut butters are now using Xylitol. READ YOUR INGREDIENTS. I'm also researching Sorbitol, another "sugar alcohol."...

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Inside on a Very Nice Day
Posted Sunday, July 5, at 3:57 PM

(This is an older post originally written in May; I find it ironic that I state Angel is digging for China, which is where her family lives and teaches.) The dogs and I haven't been inside ALL day long but a perfect storm of leaping, digging, and tree climbing dogs keeps multiples of them inside more than I would like...

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Enjoy the 4th and Keep your Dogs Safe
Posted Friday, July 3, at 1:45 PM

During this time of thunderstorms and fireworks, we need to be even more diligent in keeping our pets safe. This is a wonderful infographic. I also use Thundershirts on those dogs who, frankly, freak! at loud, sharp noises. Keep 5 recent photos of your dog from different angles and in different light. Shadows can look like a spot and your dog not returned or mistaken for a different dog...

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Bags - They can Kill your Pets
Posted Friday, June 19, at 6:10 PM

I recently found a website and FB page and am learning a LOT about pet suffocation. It can happen so easily and I never thought of it! I've not had a dog get into a bag and die..., but I had a close call with Danny Quinn and a jar. So, as I continue to work on my microchips post (and don't wait for my recommendations; just DO IT), please begin cutting up your bags and those plastic rings around packs of cans. You may and most likely WILL, save a life...

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Memorial Day Proper
Posted Sunday, May 24, at 11:16 AM

Make this weekend the Memorial is is meant to be: one of recognition of service rendered and lives lost in protecting our country. Do NOT make it the memory of the unnecessary loss of your dog, cat, or child...

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Devil Dog
Posted Thursday, April 9, at 1:39 AM

Devil Dog I think I picked up "devil dog" from this David Letterman clip. He is showcasing Bailey, a Beagle who plays dead and asks about "that devil dog," how he was in the green room. If you haven't seen this clip, here is the link and it is featured below. Bailey is a hoot. BTW, David implies that Beagles are "snarky" and "difficult." Poppycock...

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No Place like Home, Part 1
Posted Monday, March 30, at 9:26 PM

Finding or Returning a Lost Dog Unfortunately, clicking the heels of our shoes, whether or not they be ruby slippers, will not bring our lost dogs home. Dogs do get lost for various reasons. We, as responsible and caring people, can and do help them get home. I'm reposting many suggestions I made a couple years ago with some modifications. The original post is Lost Dogs...

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Spring Forward
Posted Sunday, March 8, at 12:17 AM

Did you turn your clocks forward for DST? I enjoyed the snow as did many of the dogs. Ellie Mae, the snow Bloodhound, kept me company each time I shoveled my driveway. Not only was I able to shovel it and de-ice my car, I drove on my road before it was plowed and on 177 when very icy. ...

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Snow Dogs - Not Who You might Guess
Posted Thursday, February 26, at 8:30 PM

The snow dogs changed this year. Minnie Chow RIP could not tolerate the cold nor ice in which she reveled last year with Annie and Monk, Beagles. After several months of working diligently with her vets, Minnie went to Heaven less than a week ago. Godspeed, Minnie...

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Snow and Cold Bound: Wordless Wednesday
Posted Wednesday, February 18, at 8:02 PM

Annie Beagle, following snow trails in the fenced in field. Ellie Mae, Bloodhound/SnowDog, discusses snow with Squishy Beagle Ginger, foster English Springer Spaniel, finds Justus's "lost" dog bowl. Ginger turns 14 in April...

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Dodging Drool, a Not so new Blog
Posted Monday, February 16, at 12:18 AM

I hope you enjoy the change in title of this blog, from "Perspective on Pets" to "Dodging Drool." The change reflects more of which I truly blog than my original intent, which was to include guest bloggers with different perspectives on pet species, whether cats or reptiles or horses, etc. ...

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Happy Holidays!
Posted Sunday, December 28, at 9:40 PM

I deliberately wish Happy Holidays because there are several holidays for different traditions which occur at this time of year. Even the New Year is celebrated at different times by some traditions depending on their calendar (Hebrew, Julian, Gregorian)...

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The Sanctuary Dogs, Part One: Monk & Shiloh
Posted Monday, November 10, at 11:54 AM

Silverwalk Hounds rescued dogs for 10 years. This past spring, though I planned to rescue for several more years, adoptions to wonderful families happened and I found I didn't have the energy to bring in new dogs. As the adoptable dog population dwindled, Silverwalk Hounds moved from a hound rescue to a foster home for others: rescues/shelters and private families. ...

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The Foster Dogs: Ginger and Buster
Posted Monday, October 13, at 1:27 AM

Fostering pets can take many forms. Currently, the fosters I have are for families with needs for their pets in short term situations. Ginger and Buster's folks are working short term in St. Louis - the housing they found and could afford did not allow pets. ...

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Identifying Your Dogs at Home for Pet Sitters & Friends
Posted Wednesday, October 1, at 4:42 PM

Of course, we want to put ID tags on our dogs' collars either as part of the collar (my favorite is Boomerang) or a hanging tag; of course, we want to microchip our dogs and cats so when/if they go AWOL, they have a much better chance of getting home. I also like PetHub - this company puts a QR code for my dog on his tag or collar tag. Shiloh got home twice because of it till he lost the entire collar. PetHub sent me a complimentary tag for him, a repeating customer. Next for Shiloh - TAGG...

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Angels help Pets....and their Children
Posted Monday, September 22, at 8:56 PM

I'm a fan of angels. Those Angel books out a few years ago? Read them all. I particularly appreciate Vicky's take on Angels, Pets, and their Children - the very last entry in this list sent to me by email. Too good not to share. Foster dogs back next week!...

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The Foster Dogs - International Dachshunds
Posted Wednesday, September 10, at 6:49 PM

The dog sanctuary in my home is changing focus. Instead of rescuing and rehoming dogs, I will be, and have already been off and on, fostering dogs. This change took a long time coming. I've been rescuing for about 10 years or so. I recognize, though, there are many means to help dogs and people while giving my own dogs more attention - attention they graciously lost to the rescue dogs and the activities involved with them...

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A Loan from God
Posted Sunday, August 31, at 11:16 PM

A Loan from God God promised at the birth of time, A special friend to give, His time on earth is short, he said, So love him while he lives. It may be six or seven years, Or twelve or then sixteen, But will you, till I call him back, Take care of him for me?...

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Your Choice
Posted Sunday, August 24, at 9:41 PM

In my world, it doesn't work to just say "supervise children and dogs" or "know what the dog is trying to tell you." I and we need to educate ourselves so we best respond to the dog for our sake and hers. Growling can be a very good thing - it is a WARNING which we can modify as this infographic demonstrates. NOTE Step 1. #2. WAIT. Give your dog TIME to process and respond to your request. You'll be glad you did!...

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Dogs in Hot (?) Cars: BUSTED
Posted Monday, August 18, at 7:29 PM

Twice within the past month, I've been approached because my dog was in my car with the windows rolled up. Each time, of course, the AC was on full blast with the car running. And this is what I want to say to the woman who approached me and the person(s) who called the police as well as the policeman who responded:...

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