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Book Reviews - Dog Books, Of Course
Posted Sunday, April 20, at 11:04 PM
I hope everyone had a lovely Easter - I can't imagine more perfect weather. To those celebrating Passover, shalom. This is the garden "gnome" Dachshund at Silverwalk Hounds, decked out with his Easter bunny ears next to my blooming jonquils (or are they daffodils?). The front yard's new grass put in last fall by volunteers has sprouted to jungle size - really: I carefully watch the living Dachhunds as they make their way through it...

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Thankful Thursday: Sunshine
Posted Thursday, February 6, at 7:42 PM

I read in my weather email from KFVS12 early this morning that today would be the coldest day of the week, if not the month, which made me check the temps in other places dear to me. The most signiicant for me today was Great Falls, MT, from where I moved almost 20 years ago...

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Protect Your Pets!
Posted Saturday, January 4, at 2:19 PM

It's cold, people. COLD; will be getting WET and WINDY. By LAW, you must offer proper shelter, food, and potable (that means, not frozen AND clean) water to your animals. Even OUTSIDE dogs will suffer over the next week; bring them inside. BRING THEM INSIDE - to a WARM garage/basement (those small heaters work well), with lots of bedding (straw, hay, blankets), and extra feed; it takes a lot of energy to stay warm, even in much improved conditions...

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Happy New Year!
Posted Wednesday, January 1, at 7:31 PM

The past year showed improvement in animal welfare as well as much heart-break. May your New Year be blessed with good pets, kind people, and the willingness to learn a new language - DOG (or cat or horse....). With thanks to all who work tirelessly for those who have no voice...

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Merry Christmas, Everyone
Posted Wednesday, December 25, at 4:45 PM

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Consider Carefully a Dog for Christmas
Posted Wednesday, December 11, at 7:27 PM

With thanks to The Uncommon Dog.com

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Backing Out the Door
Posted Sunday, December 1, at 7:08 PM

This is the first day of Advent, the begining of the Christian year which happens to fall in the middle of Hanukkah. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas! Anyone whose ever been to my house, or has more than one dog, knows about "backing out of the door." I'm fanatic about doors and gates being latched and closed securely to prevent the hounds, who every day have more than an acre upon which to cavort, play, and run, from darting out the door to "freedom, freedom!" I shake my head and then, with anyone else here, go to retrieve said dog(s).. ...

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From Silverwalk to You
Posted Wednesday, November 27, at 2:44 PM

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The Making of a House Beagle
Posted Sunday, November 24, at 10:16 AM

It is cold. Even for a native Minnesotan living in Cape Girardeau, it is cold. My outside taps are just open to prevent freezing; the new metal roof shines on the breezeway and garage (no more hole in the roof). The dogs, including Monk the Feral - NOT, are in the house more than outside, even in the sunshine...

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Two Yellow Dogs
Posted Tuesday, October 1, at 6:42 PM

Two yellow dogs sleep on the painted floor. One fluffy, tufts of fur ripe for brushing or plucking, fur not long but dense, thick, a cozy coat craving cool weather. She quivers in her sleep, gently puffing her cheeks, flipping her paws, traversing a landscape unknown,...

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Visit Silverwalk Hounds
Posted Friday, September 27, at 8:19 PM

We're having an Open House Saturday, 9/28, from 1-4 PM, FREE, at Silverwalk Hounds. If you can't find it, give me a call or text, bring your leashed dog especially if you adopted her from Silverwalk. Come enjoy home made lemonade, tea, chips and, oh yes, the dogs!...

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A Day for Pets in Cape Girardeau
Posted Tuesday, September 24, at 3:40 PM

On Sunday, I attached a flyer for the Open House at Silverwalk Hounds this coming Saturday, Sept. 28, 1-4 PM. It 's not the only event in town that day for pets and wannabe pets, pet lovers, and community supporters. HSSEMO, the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri, is walking the yellow brick road to home, same day but in the morning - so head out to Bark in the Park, Capaha Park that is, in the morning, then come over to Silverwalk Hounds in the afternoon. You will have a GREAT day...

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Sneak Thief
Posted Sunday, September 22, at 1:51 PM

I like Burt's Bees. The company is animal friendly, has great products, and gives back. Because my mouth and lips are always dry, I particularly like their lip balm; a bit more pricy than Chapstick, it also works better. Sheba likes it, too. Sheba is an adoptable Coonhound mix. She is stunningly gorgeous and, apparently, also concerned about keeping her lips moist. More likely, she just likes the taste of the lip balm and the crunch of the case......

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"A Cautionary Tale" by Lucy Beagle
Posted Sunday, August 18, at 9:47 PM

Volunteers and I are painting and organizing the Front Room here at Silverwalk. Our vision is a comfortable Adoption Room in which potential adopters and visitors can meet dogs and do paperwork without having to dodge the rain...as we did today. Miss Lucy - here for hospice care...

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The Human Perspective on Pets
Posted Friday, July 26, at 10:28 PM

Tomorrow, I travel to Memphis, TN but not alone. Last summer, Snoopy Beagle came toSilverwalk. Her dad was going into assisted living to be joined by her mom after her hospital discharge. They both loved Snoopy so much that, after I checked with a friend at their vet, she was shocked I had Snoopy. "Did her dad die?" It was the only reason she could imagine for him to give up Snoopy. No, but Parkinson's is a cruel disease...robbing him of stable mobility and clear speech as well as his dog...

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Passive Training @ Silverwalk Hounds
Posted Monday, July 8, at 6:20 PM

Many dogs who come to Silverwalk have sketchy or unknown histories. Of the four last dogs to arrive, two, the Girls, Coonhound mixes and yes, they are sisters, are owner - surrenders. After many tears and not letting them go to hunters in his area (he adopted them at 5 weeks old and now cancer prevents him from caring for his Girls), Sheba and Rockie are here at Silverwalk thanks to Carolyn Jordan of National Great Pyrenees Rescue (BTW, if you remember Snowman, the GP who was here last year, he is adopted!).. ...

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Father's Day, Abby, Jimmy
Posted Friday, June 14, at 5:38 PM

My dad and mom adopted a miniature Schnauzer years ago. They left the Humane Society in Sioux Falls, SD, drove around and went back. A family with young children were also interested in the same dog, but the counselor told my folks she wasn't appropriate for children. Thus, Abby came to rule our house, monitor and chase the squirrels, and give my folks much joy...

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Beagle Infomatic.
Posted Saturday, June 8, at 5:18 PM

Simple information about the Beagle - not just for hunting anymore! Wonderful house and family dogs, not guard dogs, yet loyal - yes, loyal! Looking for a Beagle Dog or Puppy? Why Not Adopt!...

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Opt to Adopt this Weekend
Posted Tuesday, May 7, at 2:43 PM

This coming Saturday, May 11, a volunteer from Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary is hosting an adoption event in the parking lot of Busch Pet Products, Missouri Running Company, and Eye Candy on Kingsway. ALERT - you can't get there from Lexington but going around is worth your time...

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The Cuddle Factor
Posted Sunday, April 28, at 11:26 PM

When you study or read about the history of dogs, how they came to be "man's best friend," and changed from the wolf to a domesticated laboror and now pet, you'll notice the changes in how they look. Dogs in the last 200+ years have undergone extreme changes in looks, function, and form to fit a huge number of jobs desired by humans. ...

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