Letter to the Editor

GOP misses on immigration

On the evening of Feb. 7, the Senate effectively killed a bill containing the most restrictive updating of the country's immigration laws in decades. Previously the provisions of this bill had been strongly advocated by the Republicans and were not particularly popular with the Democrats.

Donald Trump thinks that he can better use the immigration issue to his advantage if this bill is not passed. Consequently the Republicans voted to not even bring it up for consideration.

Among the items included in the bill are:

* Raise the bar for migrants claiming asylum.

* Clarify the White House's use of parole authority to temporarily grant protections to migrants.

* Create a procedure to shutdown the border at particularly active times.

* End the practice of allowing migrants to live in the United States while they wait for their cases to be heard by an immigration judge.

As stated in the "Wall Street Journal":

"Republicans may think they can write a better law if Mr. Trump wins in November, but don't count on it. Democrats will again demand much more in return. If Republicans pass up this rare chance at border reform, they may not get a better one."

In a speech before the British Parliament in 1845, Benjamin Disraeli, who later became the Prime Minister of Great Britain, said:

"A Conservative Government is an organized hypocrisy."

Although spoken 180 years ago, these words neatly fit today's Republicans as they put their party ahead of what would be good for the country.

JOHN PIEPHO, Cape Girardeau