Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

Democrats seem to be winning the education argument, saying that nothing should be cut from education and that we should spend more on it.

Colleges get government money now without any type of accountability being required of them, and they waste much. Cut the waste and a better education for less money would become available.

Few students ever learn of the waste in college education. They also have no comparison of how much easier college was a few years ago in regard to getting help from instructors.

George Roche, president of the famous Hillsdale College in Michigan, tells of the above and much more in a book he wrote on the subject. More money is not needed in education, but more accountability is.

He also tells in the book that all but a few colleges, big and small, lose money on football. Colleges are recruiters for pro teams with tax money. The quality of football would not go down if the players were not showered with so many expensive favors. Do some have to take a pay cut when they join the pros?

In other matters, the $100 billion in health-care fraud each year is being ignored by both parties. Energy independence is available right now, eliminating future Gulf wars, via natural gas which teems in abundance worldwide. Canada uses a lot of it in vehicles. It is also used in all vehicles of the gas company in Owensboro, Ky. A much larger tank is needed, and this pollution-free fuel would be completely practical. It costs half as much as gasoline to run a vehicle on.


Scott City