Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

I want to register my strong opposition to stem-cell research not on the basis of killing a group of cells, but based on the experience of a so-called cure being worse than the disease.

One of those is Parkinson's disease, for which I am being treated. I participated in a clinical study. The treatment was effective in correcting shakes all day long. It also made me sick as death warmed over and produced a constant desire to empty my stomach. A standard medicine is prescribed for me, which has produced a long period of wildly weird dreams. I am awakened almost hourly. My medication was changed, and this absolutely kept me from being able to sleep. Stem-cell research might accomplish a cure for Parkinson's. My desire is a good-working brain that is not affected by a worse thing such as cells gone rampant.

My experience with a cure being worse than the condition goes back 62 years when I received a diphtheria vaccination. It nearly killed me. My arm swelled up to effectively fill my shirt sleeve. I had a similar experience when I entered the Navy.

My reaction to stem-cell research is thanks, but no thanks. It is easier to live with what is already here than an unknown worse reaction.

Much to be desired is the moment my God says "Enough!" and takes me out of this existence into eternity with my savior, Jesus Christ.


Patton, Mo.