Letter to the Editor

Professor's letter offends


An amazing letter from professor Ronald V. Clayton used a lot of interesting words: Aesthetically enlightened, isolated, out of touch, cultural backwater, local nostalgia , corn pone.

It seems he wrote the letter to deliberately offend the folks that pay him -- the ones who don't get sabbaticals and the summer off.

Near as I can tell, he is offended that we didn't do it his way. That could seem a bit self-centered to us local, nostalgic, cornpone folk, but I am a bit out of touch.

As controversial as the River Campus has been, the leadership at SEMO should really be enjoying this blast from a disgruntled professor. His oncoming retirement seems to be a good idea, at least to those of us who like riverboats, celebrate Cape Girardeau's heritage, and don't want to cater to the desires of artistic elites that don't live in our corner of this state.