Letter to the Editor

Read the ads for a change of pace

To the editor:

Should you tire reading of the many shootings that occur almost daily in the news, the increased use of drugs and the fraud, try turning to the ads. That is what I have done. What a pleasant change it made.

You will find the ads artistic in design, beautiful in color and interesting to read. Notice, if you will, how color always catches the eye and how frequently it is used in ads. What a delight it would be if all ads were in color.

Real estate ads have made an interesting and worthy change by giving each home a distinct pattern in design instead of the dim view we are accustomed to seeing. I am sure sales have increased.

I never did like seafood, but a full-page ad for a seafood restaurant with the large variety of seafood all in color tempted me. Today it is my favorite restaurant.

I urge you to read each ad from the smallest to the largest. Give the artists credit for a job so superb that shows talent and unique design, beauty in color and convincing in sales.

PAULA E. KEMPE, Cape Girardeau