[SeMissourian.com] Fog/Mist ~ 44°F  
River stage: 27.75 ft. Rising
Monday, Nov. 30, 2015


Chance Rain
High: 50
Low: 41
Partly Sunny
High: 53
Low: 33
Mostly Sunny
High: 48
Low: 31
Mostly Sunny
High: 50
Low: 31
Mostly Sunny
High: 53
Low: 32
Mostly Sunny
High: 54
Low: 34
Partly Sunny
High: 53
Low: 43
Cape Girardeau latest observation

Temperature: 44°F
Winds: North at 5.8 MPH
Pressure: 30.13 in.
Humidity: 96%
Dewpoint: 43.0°F
Wind Chill: 41°F

Location: Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau Regional Airport, MO
Last updated: Nov 29 2015, 10:53 pm CST

Regional radar
National satellite
River stages
LocationRiverCurrentForecastFlood stage
Cape Girardeau Mississippi River 27.75 ft. Rising to 32.1 ft. at Tue 6pm 32 ft.
Chester Mississippi River 24.81 ft. Rising to 28.6 ft. at Tue 12pm 27 ft.
Thebes Mississippi River 26.79 ft. Rising to 30.8 ft. at Tue 6pm 33 ft.
New Madrid Mississippi River 16.96 ft. Rising to 21.1 ft. at Tue 6pm 34 ft.
Caruthersville Mississippi River 18.62 ft. Rising to 21.6 ft. at Tue 6pm 32 ft.
St. Louis Mississippi River 24.84 ft. Rising to 26.1 ft. at Mon 6pm 30 ft.
Cairo Ohio River 28.33 ft. Rising to 33.2 ft. at Tue 6pm 40 ft.
Paducah Ohio River 16.93 ft. Rising to 20.8 ft. at Tue 6pm 39 ft.
Patterson St. Francis River 11.5 ft. Falling to 10.5 ft. at Mon 12am 16 ft.
Fisk St. Francis River 9.55 ft. Falling to 9.4 ft. at Mon 12am 20 ft.
St. Francis St. Francis River 22.99 ft. Falling to 22.9 ft. at Mon 12am 22 ft.
Annapolis 6.76 ft. Rising to 6.9 ft. at Mon 12am 8 ft.
Poplar Bluff Black River 11.91 ft. Falling to 10.3 ft. at Mon 12am 16 ft.
Van Buren Current River 6.56 ft. Rising to 6.9 ft. at Mon 12am 20 ft.
Doniphan Current River 6.1 ft. Rising to 6.3 ft. at Mon 12am 13 ft.
Murphysboro Big Muddy River 15.2 ft. Rising to 18.1 ft. at Tue 6pm 22 ft.
Regional observations
CityWeatherTemp.HumidityFeels likePressureWinds
Cape Girardeau Fog/Mist 44°F 96% 41°F 30.13 in N at 6 mph
Farmington Light Rain 40°F 97% 37°F 30.13 in NE at 5 mph
Poplar Bluff Overcast 44°F 89% 40°F 30.12 in N at 7 mph
St. Louis Light Rain 41°F 82% 41°F 30.18 in Calm
Carbondale Light Rain Fog/Mist 41°F 93% 37°F 30.14 in NE at 6 mph
Cairo Rain 44°F 100% 40°F 30.13 in NW at 7 mph
Paducah Fog/Mist 46°F 93% 42°F 30.11 in N at 7 mph

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