Former central stand out no professional athlete Jaylen flye Hosting a event to spread a positive image of black me

Jaylen flye was voted 1st team all conference last season.

I am a recent college grad , with a criminal justice degree. Who is eagerly waiting for the NFL to open up so I can get my opportunity. Meanwhile I am trying to make a difference in my community by hosting a event that will help mend the image of the black man. This will help police and community relations and also take a step towards lowering violence within lower income communities. The event will be held July 11th at 10 am. At cape girardeau River front. The attire is professional . Back in the Day when Strong African-American activist protested, they did so peacefully and in professional attire. They did this to show how they viewed them self and how others should view them. Self Image is power. That is where I got the name of this event. The Image is power walk.

Jaylen flye, poses with some of his closest friends as they celebrate each other’s success after graduating. Many where first generation grads, who had to overcome a lot.