Navy Veteranís House Burned Down

Monday, January 28, 2019

I know Dustin Johnston through work and I can honestly say heís the most interesting and selfless person I know. On January 22nd at 1:30 am he woke up choking on smoke. His little house that he built on his grandmaís property was aflamed. Luckily him, his dog, and five puppies made it out safe. However, he lost everything. All of his navy awards (he had a ton), his late grandfatherís trinkets, his priceless antique collection, etc.

Itís an unfortunate event, but Dustin is an exordinary person and I have no doubt he will survive this. He received salior of the year (twice, I believe), climbed ranks that takes decades for most sailors, led hundreds of successful missions, actively runs races that are 100 miles, practically a genius (was valedictorian in high school class), and was recently accepted to one of the best culinary schools, The Culinary Insitute of America. His whole life he has been helping people. He usually gives his whole paycheck to his grandma and even now, he continues to support his family finically. Overall, the man is amazing.

I think this will make a great story and a bring awareness to GoFundMe, which he will use to rebuild his life. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it.

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