Kota's Travel Journal - The Great Escape

Sunday, July 7, 2013
Kota meets a strange "beast" with eyes that light up and not much of a tail.

Kota's Travel Journal- The Great Escape

Hello world! My name is Kota and I am a baby Triceratops. I live at the Bollinger County Museum of Natural History in Marble Hill, Missouri. I spend my days talking to the children who visit the Children's Play and Discover area at the museum. I have been very busy this year. The children love to pet me and feed me yummy leaves. I hear all sorts of amazing things the grownups talk about when they wait in the play area and chat while their children play. I was astonished to hear them speaking about dinosaurs in Bollinger County. Well hey -- people are always calling me a dinosaur, so I thought maybe these dinosaurs might be my relatives. I thought and thought about it; then one day I decided to try to locate these dinosaurs and see if I could arrange a family reunion. Well by now you have probably heard all about my daring escape from the museum.

After making my way out of the museum I walked for what seemed to be a long way down a big hill. It was WONDERFUL to be outside. I saw all these big "beasts" whizzing down the road. Well I had heard visitors to the museum talk about how they traveled to the Museum in strange things called "cars" and "trucks" and decided that must be what these "beasts" were. After a long walk I arrived at a place called "DEAL OR SHIP" that had lots of these "beasts" gathered outside. They did not seem to be doing anything in particular, maybe they were all asleep? I looked a few over and decided to borrow one. Wow! Sure beats walking. These "beasts" even have eyes that light up but not much for a tail.

Now I'm on my way! Heading out to hunt for dinosaurs! Look out dinosaurs here I come! I can hardly wait to see what's around the next curve and boy, there sure are a lot of curves here! .... To be continued.

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