No Surprise, Misinformation from Local Politico

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In a woefully misinformed post on the Southeast Missourian Web site earlier today entitled "This District Not for Sale," John Voss accused the national green group NRDC of dumping "tens of thousands of dollars" to try to sway the 8th Congressional district race. This is utterly, completely, and categorically false. NRDC is a 501c3 organization, prohibited from spending any resources, or even taking any positions, on electoral campaigns. Neither NRDC, nor our sister organization the NRDC Action Fund, has spent a single dollar on this race. Neither group intends to do so in the future.

It is hard to believe that someone in Voss's position doesn't know, or is unwilling to be truthful, about the money being spent in his district---but that is clearly the case here. I do not know his motivations for spreading these falsehoods. Perhaps he is just confused. After all, he did not even get NRDC's name right---we are the Natural Resources Defense Council (he thought we were the National Resources Defense Council). Whatever his reasons, the attack is misguided. Rather than lobbing unfounded accusations, Voss should investigate NRDC's actual efforts in Missouri. They focus on building the state's huge potential for renewable energy, creating jobs, and promoting energy efficiency. Don't believe me? Check out this report released last year:

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