Supporting Reitzel for public administrator

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why I support Lisa Reitzel for public administrator:I've known Lisa since we were youngsters singing in church. She is a person of faith in words and deeds. She is the only candidate that has worked tirelessly for our local Republican party to keep it strong, and she truly is 100 percent conservative.

Lisa is also qualified. She has a nursing degree and 20 years experience working as a patient advocate. Most of the wards have medical and mental issues, so a medical background will be a godsend to providing for their needs. She also helps manage the finances and business of a successful family farm. The most important qualification a public administrator must have is a "servant's heart" because it's about others and not one's own interests. Lisa has that heart. Even though she works full time, she still makes time to help the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, Special Olympics, Farm Bureau Board, Delta Booster Club, 4-H Club, her church and many other worthy causes. Lisa Reitzel is a stalwart Republican, has the right qualifications to be the public administrator and has a servant's heart. That's why I'm supporting Lisa, and I hope you will, too.

Having given my endorsement to Lisa, let me further say this. No matter who you support, make sure they are Republican. Why? Because a hard-core Democrat has filed on the Republican ticket for public administrator. I will not name them publicly but challenge you as a voter to ask questions and find out for yourself who it is. Trying to be something that one is not, just so one can win, is not someone deserving to be the guardian of the helpless. Inquire of the party faithful, be informed, and then send a message by voting for a true Republican in the Republican primary.


JOHN JORDAN, sheriff, 150 Tonya Drive, Jackson, MO 63755