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Sharon Sanders

Family search yields story of John William Daugherty

Posted Tuesday, August 15, 2017, at 12:00 AM


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  • Love the 'Scott County Kicker' and the earlier 'the news boy' (Benton and Scott County). Although The Republican and Missourian are my go-to research papers, I've also found Gill articles or mentions in the Kicker and News Boy.

    -- Posted by Anola Gill Stowick on Thu, Aug 17, 2017, at 9:09 AM
  • John William Daugherty was my 2nd great-grandfather--my maternal grandmother was Jewell Daugherty (daughter of John Alexander Daugherty) and he was her father's father. I stumbled upon this same article a few months ago when working at Ancestry.com on my family tree. It was the first time I'd ever seen a photograph of him. I think the newspaper misspelled his mother's first name--I've only ever seen it as "Pauline." The June 6, 1914 edition of the Scott County Kicker reported a detailed account of the suicide of one of John W.'s sons, Earnest Daugherty, who was only 32 at the time, and had been injured in a work-related injury two years previous: "...while he has been improving slowly, yet it was evident that he could not permanently recover, and it is believed that he preferred death over being a lifelong cripple. At the time of the accident he carried accident insurance, but such insurance seems to insure only those who fail to get hurt. The company resisted payment."

    -- Posted by Cherie Smith on Sun, Aug 20, 2017, at 5:52 AM