Rehder campaign should have complied with statewide order

I am disappointed that Holly Rehder's campaign has not joined the rest of the region in obeying the governor's "Stay at Home" order. Her team has even put up a number of signs, including several that were put up without permission, on state property, or in areas where they are not allowed due to local laws-instead of staying at home and setting an example.

A recent Southeast Missourian editorial about the situation in Scott County, Holly Rehder's home county, entitled "People ... need to be acting like they have it" notes the rapid spread of the coronavirus. I agree. Lawmakers who have told people to stay home in order to keep the community safe need to practice what they preach. With her home community confronting such a big spike in illness, it is shameful for the Rehder campaign to have their team fanning out across the region in direct defiance to stay-at-home orders.

When many local families are struggling, either because they are out of a job and don't know when they can return, are adapting to working from home, or are doing their best to home school their children, the August senatorial election is probably the furthest thing from most people's minds.

Unfortunately, in April and in the midst of a pandemic the likes of which we have never seen, the Rehder campaign has openly ignored the rules to try to get an edge over other campaigns that are operating by the book. Such poor judgment!

TINA TRICKEY, 1707 Paul Revere Dr.,

Cape Girardeau. Mo 63701