RHQG member

Left to right: Katrina Marietta, U.S.Air Force, quilt made and presented by Anne Marietta; Robert Marietta, U.S. Navy, quilt made and presented by Anne Marietta; Hershel Miller, U.S. Army, quilt made by Barbara Miller and Mary Green, presented by Daphna Fiehler; Fred Vogt, U.S. Army, quilt made, and presented by Harriet Martin; Elijah Duckworth, U.S. Army, quilt made and presented by Debbie Morris; Aaron Wright, U.S. Marine Corps, quilt made and presented by Kathleen Wright.

River Heritage Quilt Guild had its Valor Quilt presentation, Nov. 13 at LaCroix Methodist Church in Cape Girardeau. These quilts were made and presented by guild members to active service members and veterans. Not only does each quilt provide warmth but it’s a patchwork of gratitude, respect and admiration. We wish for these quilts to be a source of comfort and and a reminder that their commitment to guarding our freedom and welfare is not forgotten.