Eucharistic Procession

Father Kelly, Owen Morrison, Dylan Levan, Tucker Hahn and Kasyn Seabaugh processed from Guardian Angel Church to Guardian Angel School in a Eucharistic Procession.  They were followed by the staff and students in song.

The new school year started with prayer at Guardian Angel School.  The first day of school was Wednesday, August 23 and the day was started by celebrating Mass.  Immediately following Mass, Father Joseph Kelly and 4 altar servers led a Eucharistic Procession from Guardian Angel Church, across the parking lot, and into the Guardian Angel School.  The procession continued down the hallway and into the school gym.  Father was carrying the monstrance containing the Holy Eucharist and the servers carried 2 candles, the crucifix, and the incense.  The staff and students followed Father Kelly and the servers from church to the gym.  Everyone sung a hymn as they exited church and walked across the parking lot.

Father Kelly placed the monstrance on the altar that was adorned with candles, as the staff and students entered the gym in silence and kneeled in a semi circle before the Holy Eucharist.  Father incensed the monstrance which held the Holy Eucharist.  Everyone said a prayer of consecration to Jesus through Mary.  We offered ourselves and the entire school year to Jesus through the hands of his Mother, Mary.

Father Kelly blessed everyone in the gym by raising the monstrance, as everyone made the sign of the cross.  Father, holding the monstrance, and the 4 altar servers with the crucifix, candles and the incense exited the gym and continued down the hall, stopping at each door to bless the classrooms.  They then returned to Guardian Angel Church to repose the Holy Eucharist in the tabernacle.

Sister Mary Wilhelmina Lancaster, OSB, the foundress of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, was discovered to have an incorrupt body when the coffin was exhumed in the Spring.  Based on this, the theme of the school year for 2023-2024 is "Ora et Labora".  This is Latin for "Prayer & Work", which we do for the Glory of God.  This is based upon the Benedictine's life and spirituality.

Father Kelly bows before the monstrance, holding the Holy Eucharist, which is sitting on the altar.
The students and staff and Father Kelly kneel in adoration before the Holy Eucharist.
Father Kelly raised the monstrance in benediction and confers a blessing from Jesus onto the staff and students.
Father Kelly stops at the Kindergarten room to confer a blessing onto the classroom.