May 2018 Tornado

Friday, June 1, 2018

It was a usual Thursday night. We had just put our two grandchildren to bed, I was getting ready for work and Mike was looking at game cam pictures when it began to storm. Our Basset Hound, Mandy began panting and pacing the floor which is nothing unusual for her because she's terrified of storms. However, as the storm seemed to be over, so we thought, she seemed to be a little more panicky than usual. Suddenly my Mother calls almost histericle. "Are you guys watching this weather. Turn the news on there's a tornado near P&G on the ground and it's crossing Hwy 177. Thats near us." Mike could hear her and said the storms over, its across the river already, it's ok. As we hung up I could tell in her voice that she wasn't convinced. Then a couple of minutes later Mom calls again telling me how red the sky was. "Go out and look. That dont look good. That has me worried." So I went out to look and assured her it was just a reflection from a rainbow I could see. So as I came back in I turned the weather on and sure enough Grant Dade was showing the radar and talking about the location of a tornado on the ground. All of a sudden my Mother comes blasting through the back door saying she sees a Tornado. So we went out to the back deck and seen this Tornado breaking up and reforming several times. It was quite scary. This was my first time ever seeing one and I hope its my last. Thank goodness no one was injured and there was no real damage, that we know of...

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