“250 Miles Up” Documents The American Dream

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Film Release Date - 9/10/2017

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Statistics for CineSpace Film Festival

Morgan Johnson aims the spotlight at The American Dream. His film “250 Miles Up” covers the career of another Missourian from the town of Oak Ridge who made a career in NASA as an astronaut, Linda Godwin. Along with Godwin, the film features a “very well-known American icon” who has not yet been announced. Johnson strives to have his film selected at NASA`s “CineSpace” film festival. Receiving an official selection would be a tremendous accomplishment considering the expected 1000+ film submissions from around the world this year.

Godwin is 1 of only 60 women to have made it to outer space. She has traveled there on 4 different occasions and currently teaches physics and astronomy in Columbia at The University of Missouri.

When asked about his ambitions, Johnson replied “I know we`re the underdog. From 2015 and 16, 18 U.S. films were selected and about half of them are from Los Angeles and New York City. Only 2 have been selected from the Midwest Region (Michigan and Iowa). There is a tremendous bias in favor of New York and Los Angeles. Our part of the country has always been overlooked and we don’t get the recognition we deserve. Chicago hasn’t even received a selection yet and it’s the 3rd largest city in the country with a long history of filmmaking.. There wasn’t a road paved for Godwin. Coming from a town with a population of less than 300 says a lot about her determination. She had a very long journey to accomplish all that she did at NASA and that reflects the do it yourself attitude of the Midwest. A quote from Andrew Lindner reads “If the American Dream of hard work and upward mobility is alive anywhere today, it’s in the Midwest” and Godwin`s career reflects that and I want the world to know about it.”

Morgan Johnson is a 2017 graduate of Southeast Missouri State University. He has performed in 2 award-winning films and received 9 film festival selections as of July 17th, 2017.

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