Chaffee Ward 4 councilman candidate: Garrett Wayne Warren

Age 25

Place of birth Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Spouse, children's names

Son- Cayden W. Warren

Occupation Welder/ Team Leader

Employer: Manac Trailers U.S.A.

Businesses owned, all or part: N/a

Previous offices held or sought


What is the most important issue facing Chaffee? What can be done about it?

I would state that the most important issue facing Chaffee is it's lack of business and unnecessary spending. Just twenty years ago the town had a lot more business and opportunity than what it does now, multiple restaurants, gas stations, and commercial businesses. More revenue and cutting unnecessary spending can fix more problems than one, and I believe its step one in diverting the course and putting Chaffee in the right direction.

What in your background or education makes you qualified for this office?

In all Honesty I do not have a political background or experience in a public office in city government. I am an outsider seeking a chance at doing whatever I can to help the people in my great community. As my home town or anyone's hometown you would want the best for the community you take pride in. I believe my devout love for my home town makes me over qualified for the position.

What infrastructure improvements would you like to see?

Maintaining Chaffee's character is probably the second most important step in my agenda. I would ensure new developments that would increase the community's value, make the town more appealing the the people that reside there and outsiders. Specific issues would include: improvements to city park and sports complexes, water channeling, city street resurfacing and repair, plant new trees and flowers and etc. there is always room for continuous improvement.