The Road to Adoption

Building a family through Adoptions by LFCS is a fulfilling process. The professional staff assists families by providing the support they need to adopt a child internationally or domestically, through an agency, independent, Children's Division, or relative adoption. Additionally, we offer assistance with permanency through guardianship placements.

Ongoing, lifelong services are available if the families and birth parents desire additional support. As a statewide agency, services are provided from St. Louis, Cape Girardeau, Columbia, and Springfield. LFCS is a state licensed, COA accredited, and HAGUE accredited child placing agency.

Just starting in the adoption process? Adoption Power Hours are held at all locations over lunch or early evening, sharing information on the adoption process, procedure, and costs. Call 334-5866 to reserve seating for Dec.21. Start time is 6:00 P.M. at 3178 Blattner Dr., Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Professional staff treat you with respect and honesty as you begin to discover what adoption means to you. We provide education on adoption for all families, including an adoptive family workshop with adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents presenting the various perspectives of all involved. The 10 hours of education required for inter country adoptions is also provided.

Our commitment to BIRTH PARENTS provides caring, confidential counseling and support. Professional social workers offer comprehensive case management to meet the needs and to support the decisions birth parents make, focusing on best interest of the clients and their children. Birth Parents view profiles to select the adoptive family for their child. Adoptions by LFCS coordinates and facilitates meetings to negotiate openness between both parties.