VonAmp Rockin' The Big Apple (New York City, 2010)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
VonAmp's Press Photo: New York City, 10/9/10

VonAmp, a Jackson, Missouri rock band, performed at the historic Webster Hall in the East Village of New York City on October 9th, 2010. The band's members said the entire trip was awe inspiring, but especially meaningful since VonAmp's concert performance fell upon the birthday of John Lennon - the late, legendary member of The Beatles and a New Yorker himself. During the show, Discovery Kids® and a couple of music executives came out to check out VonAmp, and the other bands performing, and told Mr. Salottolo that VonAmp has HUGE potential in the music industry.

The members of VonAmp said they had a great time at Webster Hall because they were finally able to meet a lot of the East Coast performers that they've been admiring (and messaging) on YouTube. The band said Mr. Salottolo, founder of the Youth Arts Forum, was extremely gracious and kind. When VonAmp stepped up to do their sound check and threw in a song, he smiled big and said, "You sound EXACTLY how I knew you would!" After VonAmp performed its segment of the show, Mr. Salottolo asked the band if they would be interested in being one of the headliners in his East Coast touring circuit. (Mr. Salottolo appears with VonAmp in the lower-right corner of our photo montage above.)

The concert dubbed, "Kids Helping Kids" was held in the portion of Webster Hall called The Studio which carries on the legacy of the 1950s and 60s when Webster Hall became the live recording home of RCA Records, and where legends such as Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and Bob Dylan made rock and roll history.

Before returning home, VonAmp and its entourage took to the streets of New York City. According to VonAmp's drummer, Nik Scarpaci, "We dined at so many restaurants while we were there and the food was phenomenal!"

The bass guitarist and lead guitarist brothers, Collin and Taylor Barrett agreed on one thing, "The people of New York are polite, friendly, and they really made us feel at home in their city."

The band also made their way to Ground Zero and paid their respects to the victims of September 11th. Tony Busey, lead singer of VonAmp said, "You just can't comprehend it until you see the devastation. The whole thing makes me sad that it ever happened."

Taylor Barrett agreed adding, "We'll never forget that day and we'll keep them in our prayers." On VonAmp's web site, you can see a photo of the band members at ground zero: http://www.vonamp.com

VonAmp would like to personally thank: River Eagle Distributing, John Bening of the Bening Motor Company, Monster Energy®, The Southeast Missourian, The Branding Iron, The Rude Dog Pub, Style Stop Lifestyles, The Jackson Elk's Lodge, Dr. Branson of Eye Care for You, Rhodes 101 Stop, Broussards Cajun Cuisine, C.P. McGinty Jewelers, Port Cape (Thanks Doc!), Barry Salottolo of the Youth Arts Forum, Roy's Tire, Busey Truck Equipment, the Stoltz family of Marine, IL, Jerry and Pat Busey of Jackson, the Scarpaci Family, the Barrett Family, and the entire Jackson/Cape community.

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