Carnahan Campaign Kicks off "Students for Robin"

Monday, October 4, 2010

Today, Robin Carnahan's campaign launched Students for Robin to bring together young Missourians who share her commitment to education. The group is co-chaired by students from across the state: Shawn Williams, Missouri State University; Lauren Gepford, University of Missouri-KC; Alex Witt, Truman State University; and Bryan Weintrop, University of Missouri.

Robin knows that an education is more than just books and lectures; it is about laying the foundation for a bright future so our kids can achieve the American dream and compete globally. That's why Robin will fight to make sure our students have the tools they need to become the innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. She will work to reform No Child Left Behind, expand access to higher education, and champion Missouri's community colleges and programs, such as the A+ Schools Program.

"I am a college student at one of Missouri's public universities. I support Robin Carnahan because she realizes the importance of providing quality education at affordable rates and the positive impact that will have on job creation here in Missouri.

- Alex W., Truman State

"I support Robin Carnahan for US Senate for a number of reasons, one being that she is fighting to strengthen our public school systems and making college more affordable for someone like me, someone who works full-time and is trying to go to college to make a better future for themselves and their families."

- Caleb F., University of Missouri Kansas City

While Robin will stand up for students to give them an opportunity to succeed, Congressman Roy Blunt has spent the past 14 years in Washington turning his back on our students. He was part of the leadership that cut 12.7 billion in student aid - the largest cut to student aid in history, and has opposed lower interest rates on student loans. [HRS 653, Vote 4, 2/01/06; HR 5, Vote 32, 1/17/07] He has repeatedly opposed legislation that would help communities rebuild and modernize local schools. [H.R. 2187, Vote # 259, 5/14/09; HR 1, Vote 144, 5/23/01; HR 2300, Vote 531, 10/21/99]

"I support Robin, because not only does she have the best interest of Missourians at heart, but she is making moves to help Missouri students get into, and stay in college, not just in 2010 but for the future and beyond."

- Makida S., University of Missouri

Read More Statements and View Videos From Supporters here.

As Robin travels throughout the state, she hears directly from students across Missouri about the issues impacting them and she is proud to receive support from so many of them. To learn more about Students for Robin, visit the website:

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