Sowers: More than empty words

Here are the facts on congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson's record:1. Emerson voted for the $700 billion TARP (HR1424, Oct. 3, 2008), the Wall Street bailout that gave a free pass to the same people that ruined our economy.

2. Emerson is now co-sponsoring HR3936, a taxpayer-funded bailout of poorly managed union pensions. Taxpayers could be on the hook for $165 billion.

3. Emerson has voted for a dozen foreign trade deals, which have contributed to over 16,000 lost jobs at 150 plants in our district.

4. Emerson has sponsored only six bills that have been enacted during her 14 years in Congress, including naming a post office and courthouse.

It's time we hold Emerson accountable. Vote for new blood in November. Vote for Tommy Sowers, a veteran born and raised here who actually has a plan to save jobs, not just empty words and a poor record.

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