"Contact Has Begun" Thursday

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
"Contact Has Begun" - Thurday Feb 25th 2010- FREE DOCUMENTARY

This Thursday night come for a out of this world time at The Mississippi Mud House. It's another weekly "OUT THERE" meeting. This week come see the documentary "Contact Has Begun"

The film is a top quality UFO Video documentary about the life and near death experiences of James Gilliland...and his contacts with ETs.

"Contact Has Begun" includes real UFO footage shot by James Gilliland at his Trout Lake Sanctuary near Mt Adams in Washington state.

"Contact Has Begun" is a documentary that DCT Enterprises has done on James Gilliland. James has had contact with ETs and "off worlders".

Through the eyes and from the genuine experience of....

* James Gilliland -- a genuine contactee -- who drowned and returned. This is his story -- a true one. No hype. No fantasies. Just truth.

* Earth Changes -- the ones the Mainstream knows about but won't address (even though scientists present compelling evidence that BIG changes are coming in the next two years).

* SEE GENUINE FOOTAGE OF UFOs over James' Trout Lake Sanctuary in Washington state.

* See, and wonder at footage of an awesome fleet of UFOs filmed over Mexico.

* Listen to experts and authors reveal secrets of ancient history...AND coming earth changes (just straight facts).

* Want to know what Orbs are (those odd little lights that show up in digital photographs)?

* Who were the Elohim of the Bible? Former Vatican Adviser Dr Miceal Ledwith (also featured in the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know") reveals the secret.

* Learn about UFOs literally turning off Nuclear Weapons.

* Get a hint from Astronaut Gordon Cooper -- he chased UFOs over Germany.

* Understand -- through superb animations -- the effects of ice melt at the north and south poles.

* What triggers tsunamis? Is there one coming to a coast near you?

* Imagine Europe with a Siberian climate -- in a matter of weeks -- when the Atlantic Current stalls. Science says it will (and it may do so very soon).

* See what will happen to our planet when the sun erupts -- possibly as soon as 2010.

* Understand why Hollywood has an anti-alien agenda.

* Question why 9000 troops would be deliberately exposed to atomic radiation -- and why UFOs have been visiting ever since the Bomb was invented.

* AND discover how Benevolent ETs have been visiting Earth for centuries.

The film also covers near death experience, orbs, aliens and UFOs in the Bible, Ezekiel, and the topic of coming Earth changes. Changes that will effect each and everyone of us. This film delivers a message that will change your world.

Now, a word to particular visitors:- If you're a skeptic -- but with an open mind -- you're welcome.



At The Mississippi Mud House

811 Broadway

Cape Girardeau, Mo 63701

(573) 339-0991

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