Sikeston, Missouri Author/Writer, Barbara Watkins, Introduces Her Latest Release

Monday, October 19, 2009
Sikeston, Missouri Author/Writer, Barbara Watkins

Mrs. Watkins, is scheduled to meet and greet her fans by signing copies of her latest release, 'Nightmares & Daydreams' available now at Amazon.


PRLog (Press Release) -- Oct 19, 2009 -- Angela Kay Shuffitt will be hosting a book signing for Sikeston, Missouri native Barbara Watkins, at the Howard County Library in Arkansas. She has been asked to meet and greet her fans by signing copies of her newest release 'Nightmares & Daydreams' now available at Amazon. In addition to signing copies and discussing her book there will be a drawing for a free copy of her novella's, 'Behind the Red Door' and 'Thorns of an Innocent Soul'.

This will be Mrs. Watkins third visit to the Howard County Library in Arkansas. Mrs. Watkins had a successful book signing there in 2005 inroducing her first novella, 'Behind the Red Door' and again in 2007 for her release of 'Thorns of an Innocent Soul'.

July of 2009, Mythica Publishing acquired the rights to publish her collection of short stories, 'Nightmares & Daydreams' as an e-book and print edition. Her central genre includes, but is not limited to, Paranormal/Thrillers'.

In 2005, her novella 'Behind the Red Door' sparked the interest of Escape Artists Studio and in return, they requested a copy.

Her articles on various subjects, short stories, and poetry, have appeared in The Heartland Writers Guild, 2008 New York Skyline Review, and several on-line publications.

Cold Coffee Magazine accepted her article, A Testament To Poets, for their second issue released in print and is available online at Cold Coffee Magazine.

Her short story 'Mortal Abomination' will appear in the anthology entitled, 'Another Time, Another Place' due out later this year through Mythica Publishing.

Writing in the genre of Paranormal/Thrillers' she loves to evoke a sense of terror, and hopes to continue to entertain her readers' for some time to come.

Currently she has completed her first full-length novel entitled, 'Hollowing Screams,' a psychological thriller bursting with intrigue, murder, and suspense.

The following is an e-mail she received from award winning author Anne Rice, "I congratulate you on your success with your books, and I know you will go on having success. It's wonderful, this world of being a writer, without doubt."

Barbara Watkins resides in Sikeston Missouri with her husband of thirty-three years, one psycho kitty named 'Mila' and her faithful, loving, boxwieler pup named 'Hooch.'

At an early age, she experienced what she referred to as supernatural phenomenon, which later inspired her to write her first novella entitled, 'Behind the Red Door.' As a teenager, she kept a diary in which she documented several of her disturbing nightmares, from which she would later pull from, and incorporate into several of her writings.

Always enjoying the knack of story telling, she decided to put pen to paper in hopes that someday she might share her creative writings, and with her first published release, 'Behind the Red Door' she succeeded in doing just that. In a recent interview she was quoted as saying, "Through my writing I may never get wealthy by monetary standards, but my lust to seek self-expression and evoke ones inner feelings will never cease."

Barbara Watkins is a member of The Heartland Writers Guild in Missouri. Her charitable contributions include supporting the Partner in Hope program through the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. For more info on Mrs. Watkins or her literary contributions, please visit her web site.

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Barbara Watkins, author/writer from Southeast Missouri,

Please visit web site for additional information on Mrs. Watkins literary contributions and current events.

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