Would you support an effort in Missouri to ban texting while operating a vehicle?

Do you plan to vote in local elections on Tuesday, April 2?

Should poaching penalties be more strict in Missouri?

Should the every-other-year safety inspection for noncommercial vehicles more than 5 years old be relaxed?

Do you support state tax credits as a mechanism to bring more film and TV production to the state?

Should Congress vote against President Trumpís national emergency declaration for wall funding?

Did the president made the right decision to walk away from a deal with N. Koreaís leader?

Where will the St. Louis Cardinals finish this year?

Should healthy individuals receiving Medicaid be required to work?

Do you support a statewide prescription drug monitoring system that would allow doctors and pharmacists to see which prescriptions a patient takes?

Do you support President Trumpís decision to declare a national emergency to fund a border wall?

Do you support the Cape Girardeau School Districtís no-tax-increase bond issue for school improvements, which includes a new, centralized prekindergarten center, renovations at elementary schools, new roofs and other necessary infrastructure fixes, as well as an aquatic center in partnership with the City of Cape?

Did you watch the State of the Union address?

Do you like facial recognition technology used in some smartphones and tablets?

Does a businessí charitable component influence your decision on where to shop?

Do you expect a deal on border security before a potential government shutdown on Feb. 15?

Will you watch the Super Bowl?

On average, how often do you go out to eat or have food delivered by a local restaurant?

Should the State of the Union be postponed due to the government shutdown?

Would you support vouchers in Missouri as a way of expanding school choice options?