How much do you follow the NCAA Tournament for college basketball?

How often do you donate blood?

Should daylight saving time be made permanent?

Are you taking a trip for spring break this year?

Do you believe the United States should continue to support Ukraine against Russiaís invasion and on-going war?

Given what you know, how would you have voted in the Alex Murdaugh trial?

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed court documents seeking the removal of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner for failure to prosecute existing cases, among other issues. Do you believe Gardner should resign or be removed from office?

Should Cape Girardeau County move away from an elected coroner toward a medical examiner position, similar to the majority of first-class counties in the state of Missouri?

Have you used commercial air service at Cape Girardeau Regional Airport within the past five years?

How much of a national security threat do you believe high altitude balloons are to the United States?

What are you buying for Valentineís Day?

What grade would you give President Joe Bidenís State of the Union address?

How would you describe the current state of the country and the direction it is headed?

Whatís your favorite part of the Super Bowl?

Should Missouri ballot initiatives to amend the state constitution require a 60% majority approval by voters as opposed to the current simple majority?

Do you agree with the Cape Girardeau Public School Board's decision to proceed with Phase I of an indoor athletic complex? Phase I is expected to cost about $2.6 million. Phase II is estimated to cost an additional $2 million.

Should Alec Baldwin be charged with involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of film cinematographer Halyna Hutchins while on a movie set in 2021?

Do you support a ban by some cities on natural gas for home cooking and heating due to environmental concerns?

How often do you go out to eat or order food from a restaurant to be delivered?

What types of spending cuts should be considered as a condition for approving an increase in the debt ceiling?