Do you believe there is systemic racism within American law enforcement?

Who is most to blame for polarization in America?

Should K-12 schools reopen in the fall or continue distance learning?

Do you support Missouri legislation that would allow people considered at-risk of the coronavirus ó those age 65 and older, living in a long-term care facility or with certain existing health problems ó to cast their 2020 ballots without it being notarized?

Should mask-wearing be mandated in Missouri?

Should Missouri colleges and universities hold on-campus classes in the fall?

Do you plan to take any trips this summer farther than 120 miles?

Should the federal government pass another stimulus bill in response to the coronavirus pandemic?

Have you or do you plan to return to work this week?

How has the pandemic affected your physical fitness?

Should Missouri pass Wayfair legislation to give local municipalities the ability to charge sales tax on items purchased online from out-of-state retailers?

Do you believe Missouri is ready to begin reopening its economy on May 4 following the state shutdown due to COVID-19?

Would you support extending the forgivable Small Business Administration loans?

Have you participated or watched an online or drive-in church service since the start of Missouriís stay home order?

Do you plan to wear a mask or scarf of some sort when interacting in public with others?

Whom do you blame most for the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic?

What is your favorite quarantine activity?

Have you used video conferencing for work, socialization or other activities during the coronavirus pandemic?

Should Bernie Sanders remain in the Democratic presidential primary?

Have you or will you donate funds/volunteer time in response to Covid-19?