Do you plan to vote for the use tax on the ballot Nov. 2 in the cities of Cape Girardeau, Jackson and Scott City?

Do you pay for a streaming serving such as Netflix or other similar entertainment options?

Did you attend the SEMO District Fair this year?

How often do you use a delivery service for restaurant food?

Do you plan to watch or follow coverage of the NFL this season?

Do you support President Bidenís order that would require as many as 100 million Americans (including employers with more than 100 workers and workers in health facilities receiving Medicare or Medicaid) to be vaccinated or test for the virus weekly?

Would you support the $3.5 trillion stimulus proposed by congressional Democrats and supported by President Biden?

Whatís your favorite part of the SEMO District Fair?

Have you used an alternative digital payment method such as GooglePay, Apple Pay, Paypal, Amazon Pay or a digital wallet?

Will you attend games or follow coverage of local high school or college football this season?

Should the United States accept refugees from Afghanistan?

Will the Cardinals make the playoffs?

Would you consider fostering a shelter animal?

Do you agree with the decision to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for members of the military?

Do you agree with President Bidenís new eviction moratorium, which covers most of the country until Oct. 3?

Should businesses be allowed to mandate employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

Should high schools choose their top senior student as valedictorian or make the award available to any student who meets certain requirements?

Would you support a mask mandate for students and teachers this fall?

What would be hardest for you to give up for a month?

What do you think about the vaccine incentive program unveiled by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson?