What is your confidence in Joe Biden as U.S. President?

How do you rate Donald Trumpís term as United States President?

What should be the top priority for the Missouri General Assembly in the new legislative session?

Do you agree with the decision by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to suspend President Donald Trumpís accounts following the riots on the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6?

Which country do you believe represents the biggest threat to the United States?

Do you support increasing untargeted stimulus checks from $600, which is currently happening, to a total of $2,000 either now or in the next Congress at an additional cost of $435 billion?

How much confidence do you have that 2021 will be a good year?

Would you favor moving Missouri school board races from April to November?

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

If one of the COVID-19 vaccines was available to you, would you take it?

Would you support the creation of a community college in Cape Girardeau?

Do you personally know anyone who has been hospitalized or died from COVID-19?

Should Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which provides liability protection to platforms for user-generated online comments (such as Yelp, Facebook and Twitter to semissourian.com), be repealed, amended or retained?

Do you support the creation of a statewide prescription drug monitoring program in Missouri?

Should the State of Missouri institute a statewide mask order?

With states certifying their results and any changes unlikely, should President Donald Trump concede the election?

Has the surge in COVID-19 cases affected your travel plans for Thanksgiving?

Do you plan to make a charitable donation before the end of the year?

Do you support liability protection against COVID-19- related lawsuits for health care providers, businesses, schools, churches, not-for-profit organizations and others?

Should ballot harvesting, which allows partisan groups to pick up ballots from others and turn them in, be disallowed?