Do you agree with President Bidenís decision to withdraw all U.S. Troops from Afghanistan by September?

Would you support the addition of more justices on the Supreme Court beyond the standard nine?

Do you support the creation of a prescription drug database in Missouri to prevent opioid abuse?

Do you agree with Major League Baseballís decision to move the All-Star game away from Atlanta due to Georgiaís new election law?

How do you expect the stock market to end 2021, compared to end of first quarter?

Should vaccine passports be required for certain activities, including travel?

How far will the Cardinals go this season?

Should Washington, D.C. be granted statehood?

Should the U.S. Senate change its filibuster rules?

What is your level of interest in the NCAA Menís Division I Basketball Tournament?

Do you support the $1.9 trillion stimulus package passed by Congress and signed by President Biden?

Would you support an increase in the state gas tax to pay for road-funding needs in Missouri?

With some COVID restrictions easing, do you plan to travel more than 90 miles this spring/summer?

Have you or do you plan on getting the COVID-19 vaccine?

Should a photo ID be required to vote?

Should the U.S. boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics in light of reported human rights violations as well as Chinaís role in the coronavirus pandemic?

Would you support a federal minimum wage of $15/hour?

Should teachers without pre-existing health conditions be moved up in the priority list for receiving a COVID-19 vaccine?

Should Congress pass legislation to forgive some student loan debt?

Should schools cancel classes on ďsnow daysĒ or implement virtual education?