Do you agree with the PresidentĻs executive action to end the separation of children from their parents trying to immigrate to the United State at the U.S.-Mexico border?

How often do you buy a new cellphone?

What is your opinion of the recent summit between President Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore?

Would you support federal legalization of marijuana for states that have legalized recreational cannabis?

Is it a good tradition for the President of the United States to always invite major professional sports champions to visit the White House?

Should the General Assembly pass legislation giving the governor authority to appoint a replacement to the office of lieutenant governor?

Do you approve that Eric Greitens resigned as governor of the state of Missouri?

Will you or have you watch or watched any of the NBA Finals?

Do you agree with the NFLís decision to require players to stand for the National Anthem or stay in the locker room?

Did President Trump make the right decision to cancel the summit with North Koreaís Kim Jong Un?

How much more would you pay annually in additional taxes to support full-time safety resource officers at every public school?

In a head-to-head matchup in November who would you vote for for U.S. Senate?

Do you agree with President Trumpís decision to withdraw the US from the Iran nuclear accord?

Do you agree with the Boy Scouts recent name change and decision to allow girls to participate in the program for 11 Ė 17 year olds.

Should Missouri increase itís minimum wage from the current $7.85/hour?

Which Leadership Cape project has the most potential?

Do you have a vegetable garden at your home?

How many hours do you spend in front of a computer or mobile screen/day?

How often do you go out to eat?

Do you support legalization of medical marijuana?