Would you support putting armed guards in schools?

Do you support a bill that would require a teacher sit on the state Board of Education, though he or she would not have a vote or be counted toward establishing a quorum?

What is your level of interest in the 2018 Olympics?

With last weekís correction in the stock market, how you now look at the market?

How would you grade President Trumpís State of the Union Address?

Do you support the governorís proposal to cut tax rates for businesses and individuals in Missouri?

Should Missouri legalize medical marijuana?

Do you support the governorís proposed cuts to higher education institutions?

What should be the top issue for the Missouri General Assembly?

How would you grade President Donald Trump on his first year in office?

Should Missouri ban gifts from lobbyists to state elected officials?

Should the U.S. cut or eliminate its foreign aid spending?

How excited on a scale from 1 to 5 (with 5 being really excited and 1 being not excited at all) for the Winter Olympics in February?

Do you prefer to read books in printed, digital format or audio?

Will you/did you make a New Yearís resolution?

Did the tax-reform law affect how you made end-of-year donations for 2017 as compared to 2018?

What is your opinion of the recently passed tax cut and reform legislation?

Should Missouri reinstate a film tax credit?

Do you agree with the FCC vote to end net neutrality regulations started during the Obama administration?

Do you plan to watch the new Star Wars movie?