Should all Missouri elected state offices be term-limited?

Who won the final presidential debate?

Have you postponed a health care screening because of COVID-19?

Should Judge Amy Coney Barrett be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice?

Would you support a U.S. president packing the Supreme Court by increasing the number of justices above the current nine?

Who won the vice presidential debate?

What is your top issue when voting for President of the United States?

Who won the first presidential debate?

Do you agree with the Cape County Health Boardís decision to extend the mask order?

Do you plan to watch the presidential/vice presidential debates?

Do you agree with the Big 10 Conferenceís decision to resume fall sports?

Do you agree with the decision by the State of Missouri to relax requirements, temporarily, for substitute teachers?

Will you watch the NFL on TV this season?

Should Congress pass another stimulus package in response to COVID-19?

Do you plan to take a vaccine for COVID-19 when it becomes available?

Are you concerned about uncertainties or fraud in the November election due to mail-in voting?

Do you approve of President Trumpís efforts to force TikTok, which is owned by a private Chinese company, to sell its United States product to an American firm because of alleged security concerns?

Will you take a flu shot this fall?

Will you attend a high school football game this fall?

Did you or will you watch the political conventions?