Would you consider using jet service from Cape Girardeau to Chicago?

Do you support Gov. Eric Greitensí implementation of a prescription-drug monitoring program?

Do you believe Donald Trump Jr.ís email revelations constitute collusion?

Should beer be allowed to be sold at movie theaters?

About how high does the heat index have to get before you refrain from outdoor activities?

What grade would you give President Donald Trump so far into his presidency?

Should churches be allowed to endorse political candidates and keep tax-free status?

How often do you donate blood?

Should the St. Louis Cardinals be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline?

Should the city of Cape Girardeau allow shipping containers to be used as construction material for homes and other buildings?

How often do you visit a public library?

Do you purchase fireworks for the Fourth of July?

Do you agree with Gov. Eric Greitensí decision to call a special session on abortion policies?

Would you support a statewide prescription-drug database to crack down on doctor shopping for opioids?

Do you agree with President Donald Trumpís decision to back out of the Paris climate accord?

How often do you shop at garage/yard sales?

Should Medicare cover long-term care?

How often do you exercise 30 minutes or more?

Do you agree with the deputy U.S. attorney generalís decision to appoint a special counsel to investigate claims of Russian ties to the Trump campaign?

Would you support a measure that could bring hundreds of high-paying aluminum- and steel-manufacturing jobs to the Missouri Bootheel?