For whom do you plan to vote in the race for U.S. Senate?

Will you watch the Major League Baseball World Series?

We want to know when was the last time you ordered a gyro?

What is your preferred way to listen to music?

What topic will most influence how you vote in the November race for U.S. Senate?

What is your favorite October activity?

What or whom do you blame most for the Cardinals not making the playoffs?

Which party do you think was more to blame for the circus atmosphere at the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings?

Do you believe the full Senate should vote on Judge Brett Kavanaughís nomination to the Supreme Court this week?

Do you plan to support the gas tax on the November ballot?

Should all candidates for federal office and their spouses be required to disclose their tax returns?

How do you feel about President Donald Trumpís canceling his visit to Cape Girardeau due to Hurricane Florence?

Do you consider the U.S. governmentís response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as a success, as stated by President Donald Trump?

What is your favorite part of the SEMO District Fair?

Do you agree with Nikeís decision to feature former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick in its advertising campaign?

Do you participate in a workplace charitable giving program such as the United Way?

What sporting event do you look forward to the most in the fall?

What result do you anticipate from the mid-term election?

Do you use a paid music streaming service?

Will the Cardinals make the postseason?