Should college athletes be compensated for use of their names, likenesses and images?

Do you support the death penalty in cases of heinous crimes involving murder?

Which industry do you believe is most important to grow in order to retain and attract workers to Southeast Missouri?

When should K-12 schools start the school year?

Should cigarettes have more graphic image warnings on packaging to warn consumers of dangers?

Do you think large capacity magazines should be banned from purchase by civilians as a measure to reduce mass shootings?

Due to safety concerns, do you believe it should be illegal to swim in the Mississippi River?

Do you plan to attend a high school or SEMO football game this year?

Should Missouri schools employ armed officers?

What do you think of a new Missouri law that would delay the start of the school year to 14 days before Labor Day beginning in 2020?

What is your favorite part of Jackson Homecomers?

The US House passed a bill requiring a $15/hr. minimum wage. Should $15/hr. be the standard federal minimum wage?

The Trump Administration said the US will send a manned mission to the Moon again by 2024. Do you agree with this goal?

A city council in Minnesota voted to stop requiring the Pledge of Allegiance at its meetings ďin order to create a more welcoming environment to a diverse community,Ē according to a city council member in St. Louis Park, Minn. Do you believe the Pledge of Allegiance is unwelcoming?

Would you like to see the Veterans Memorial Drive extension to Route K included as a project in the next Transportation Trust Fund tax proposal?

Do you agree with Nikeís decision to pull a shoe design of Betsy Rossís original revolutionary flag because of a complaint the flag has been used by racist groups?

How should MoDOT handle traffic on U.S. 61 (center junction) during next yearís overpass project construction?

Do you favor eliminating private insurance in favor of a Medicare-for-all system?

Do you think the National Guard should be allowed to sandbag on private property to protect homes and businesses from flooding?

Should Big Tech (such as Google and large social media platforms) be required to prove to the Federal Trade Commission that there is no bias in the way they filter content?