Would you support funding for a wall on the US-Mexico border in exchange for a path to citizenship for DACA immigrants?

Do you expect to make a year-end donation to a charity?

Do you volunteer for a local organization?

What do you think about the Presidentís trade agenda so far?

Where do you think the new aquatics center should be located?

Do you plan to spend more or less on Christmas gifts this year?

Did you stand in a line for Black Friday specials?

Should immigrants who enter the United States illegally be banned from applying for asylum protections?

Should local municipalities ban the burning of leaves?

Should Southeast Missouri State University consider a name change?

Should Southeast Missouri State University consider a name change?

Do you use an app or wearable device to track health and fitness goals?

Do you use a Health Savings Account or similar account for medical expenses?

Will you or did you attend the rally with President Donald Trump in Cape Girardeau?

Do you agree with President Trumpís position the U.S. should end the right to citizenship for babies who are born to non-U.S. citizens on American soil?

Which employee had the best Halloween costume?

Do you agree with President Trumpís decision to send troops to the southern border in response to the caravan of migrants making their way to the United States?

Do you support Proposition B to increase the state minimum wage to $8.60 an hour with an 85-cent/hour increase each year until 2023 when the wage would max at $12 per hour?

For whom do you plan to vote in the race for U.S. Senate?

Will you watch the Major League Baseball World Series?