Do you plan to donate more to charity this year?

Do you support the state Housing Development Commissionís first vote not to match $140 million in federal low-income housing credits?

How has your Christmas spending changed this year?

How often do you upgrade your mobile phone?

What do you look forward to most about Thanksgiving?

Did the national anthem protest by NFL players change how much you watch NFL games?

How often do you exercise?

Do you believe a tax-reform bill will be passed and signed this year?

Do you agree with the city of Cape Girardeauís decision to put a police substation on the cityís South Side after the new police station near Arena Park is built?

How do you dispose of your fallen leaves?

How often do you gamble at a casino?

Do you think public schools should allow Halloween parties and costumes?

Do you agree with the Boy Scoutsí decision to allow girls to join?

Do you agree with the NFL commissionerís letter to teams asking players to stand for the national anthem?

Should ďbump stocksĒ, which are used to make a semiautomatic rifle fire faster, be banned?

What is the most important factor you consider when looking for a job?

Should the federal top individual tax rate be cut from 39.6 percent?

How often do you read a fiction or nonfiction book?

Do you think the city should include a major park project on Cape Girardeauís South Side in its next park tax proposal?

How many football games do you watch per week?