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Monday, Apr. 21, 2014

Speak Out

Today's Printed Speak Out


This is in regards to the deal about the NCAA athletes getting extra meals a day, plus snacks. I think if they get that, I think the rest of the students ought to get it, too, the students who didn't get the scholarships for athletics. They go through the same thing.

Obama, Bush

That's what they used to accuse the last Bush that was president of, that he would make laws without input from Congress and also that he would take his pen and make laws and change laws. So I guess Obama just learned from the Bush who preceded him.

Marriage defined

As a Christian, I do not agree with same-sex marriages. They can't take away from what God has sanctified to us Christians and pervert it. I haven't seen too many husbands who can take care of one wife, let alone more than that.

No more increases

As baby boomers, we should stick together and demand no more increase in taxes in the city or county. Enough is enough.

Thank you

I want to sincerely thank the three angels who came to my aid when I fell in front of my door. I could not get up. They saved my life. I was so cold. I believe in angels. Do you? They are my angels.

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Go out there and work out with them and you can have your free meal.

-- Posted by We Regret To Inform U on Sun, Apr 20, 2014, at 9:19 PM

"The 25 Schools That Make The Most Money In College Football"


foxtrot007, There are several on here that should take you up on that advice.

-- Posted by gone-fishing on Sun, Apr 20, 2014, at 8:35 PM

Micheck: Do not play stupid. Look, I have nothing more to say to you.

-- Posted by cc314 on Sun, Apr 20, 2014, at 4:35 PM

Haha, look at all the great Christians here, defending Micheck the Athiest, AMAZING. And yet you turn right around and attack Micheck every single day for LESS than what Micheck has said to me on here, and you also ORDER me and others around on here, and yet my responses are wrong? Sound like a bunch of totalitarian hypocrites.

-- Posted by cc314 on Sun, Apr 20, 2014, at 4:15 PM

This is between me and Micheck.

I responded, to Michecks nasty comment t me, first.

-- Posted by cc314 on Sun, Apr 20, 2014, at 3:30 PM

What the heck are you talking about?

-- Posted by miccheck on Sun, Apr 20, 2014, at 4:09 PM

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