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Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Election results

Cape Girardeau County spring 2015 election results

Cape Girardeau County

Use tax
Yes 3,532
No 3,520

Use tax passes on razor's edge in Cape County

Proposition 1 (Cape Girardeau school tax extension)
Yes 1,868
No 757

$20M bond extension for Cape Girardeau schools easily passes

Proposition 2 (Nell Holcomb tax rollback)
Yes 266

No 120

Prop 2 passes in Nell Holcomb School District

Proposition Keep Advance Safe (FEMA storm shelter/school repairs)
(Cape Girardeau Co. votes only)

Yes 17
No 11

Proposition Keep Advance Safe passes by wide margin


Jackson Mayor
Barbara Lohr 671
Dwain L. Hahs 1,536

Hahs overwhelms Lohr as mayor of Jackson

Cape Girardeau School Board
Kyle S. McDonald 1,681
Lynn Ware 1,393
Anthony Joseph Keele 986

Jackson School Board
Kelly E. Waller 2,238
Sheila King 1,784
Paul Stoner 886
Brad E. Noel 1,021

Oak Ridge School Board
(complete from Cape, Bollinger, Perry counties)

Ron Tracy 165
Linda Schoen 113
Jeff L. Hahs 182
Robert Grahek 328

Delta School Board (three-year term)
(Cape Co. totals only)

Priscilla Hornbuckle 79
Amy White 47
Matt Huffman 127
Angela Crutsinger 58
David Coomer 189

Delta School Board (two-year term)
(Cape Co. totals only)

Jayme Perry 69
Scott A. Bond 103
Marsha Carroll 24
Meredith Scherer 74

Nell Holcomb School Board
Blake E. Tiemann 194

Phyillis L. Pickard 110
Elizabeth Brown 172

Micah Paul Janzow 129

Advance School Board
(Cape Co. results only)

Jim Below 22
Charles Mayo 15
Odetta Holland 11
Gordonville Fire District
Michael Kasten 218
Judy Klaproth-Gentry 155

East County Fire Protection District
Norman Goehman 191
Brad Martin 202

Meadow Heights School Board
(Cape Co. and Bollinger Co. results)

Ryan Blake Sharrock 247
G. Wayne Johnson 227
A.D. "Gator" Henson 326
Dustin M. Koerber 133

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Scott County spring 2015 election results

Scott County Election Results

Sales tax
Yes 2993
No 1299

Sales tax passes in Scott County


Scott City School District
Sally Porch 278
Beth McDonough Cox 309
Gary Miller 267
Justin Braun 368

Kelly School District
Marshall Meeks 217 (Mississippi and Scott counties reporting)
David Collier 382
Michael Bolen 297 (Mississippi and Scott counties reporting)

Illmo Special Road District
Edwin Ledure 482
Bob Keesee Sr. 220

Village of Commerce Board of Trustees
Zach Vetter 10
Marvin S. Nienhaus-Miller 1
Lois Lee Huck Ramsey 15
William Bailey 16
Brock Hanners 11

Oran Board of Aldermen Ward 1
Harold J. Landwewee 7
Craig Friga 12

Oran Board of Aldermen Ward 2
Melissa Spencer 14
Danny Forehand 29

Oran Board of Aldermen Ward 3
Jimmmy G. Westrich 15
Brenda Cook 14

Scott City Council Ward 2
Pat Brazel 73
Jonathan Rasnic 24

Scott City Council Ward 3
Ron Cummins 107
Bobby Bollinger II 52
Scott City Council Ward 4
Randy Morse 102

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Bollinger County 2015 spring election results

Editor's Note: Vote totals for the North County Fire Protection District have been corrected below.

Bollinger County spring 2015 election results


Defunding library tax
Yes 1,110
No 675

Library tax cut approved in Bollinger County

Proposition Keep Advance Safe (FEMA storm shelter/school repairs)
(Bollinger results only)

Yes 32
No 32


Marble Hill Ward 1 Board of Aldermen

Kenneth Trentham 34
Robert Masters 27

Village of Glen Allen
Write in: Eldon Woodfin 13

Write in: Allen Clark 15

Meadow Heights School Board (choose 2)
Ryan Blake Sharrock 247
G. Wayne Johnson 227
A.D. "Gator" Henson 326
Dustin M. Koerber 133

Leopold School Board (choose 2)
Edward C. Vandeven 135
Jason M. Vandeven 173

Keith Beel 146

Zalma School Board (choose 2)
Scott Cato 108
Roger W. Vangennip 111
Tina Clark 42
Danny Ray James 42

Oak Ridge School Board
(complete from Cape, Bollinger, Perry counties)

Ron Tracy 165
Linda Schoen 113
Jeff L. Hahs 182
Robert Grahek 328

Perryville School Board(choose 2)
(Complete from Perry and Bollinger)

Kevin Bachmann 673
Mark Gremaud 671
Mary Bauewens 520
Lara (Thieret)Green 556

Delta School Board (three-year term, choose 2)
(Bollinger County and Cape County complete results)

Priscilla Hornbuckle 81
Amy White 49
Matt Huffman 138
Angela Crutsinger 62
David Coomer 202

Delta School Board (two-year term, choose 2)
(Cape County results)

Jayme Perry 69
Scott A. Bond 103
Marsha Carroll 24
Meredith Scherer 74

Advance School Board (choose 2)
(Bollinger and Cape Co. results only)

Jim Below 70
Charles Mayo 52
Odetta Holland 39

North County Fire Protection District
Culley R. Despain 147
John F. Preston 48
Robert P. Wilson 74
Donald Barks 223
Ronald Reagan 162
Ivan Legrand 38

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Perry County spring 2015 election results


Perryville School Board
Kevin Bachmann 673
Mark Gremaud 669
Mary Bauewens 520
Lara (Thieret) Green 556

Oak Ridge School District
Ron Tracy 0
Linda Schoen 4
Jeff L. Hahs 2
Robert Grayhek 2

Altenburg Mayor
Harold France 11
Daniel Foster 52
Foster chosen as Altenburg's new mayor

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November 2014 election results roundup

Election officials Betty Shoaf, left, and Karen Smith check voters in at Jackson First Baptist Church's The Bridge during Tuesday's election.
(Laura Simon)

Ballot issue roundup

Amendment 2 (sex crimes)(3328 of 3329 Precincts Reported)
Yes 1,015,899
No 395,736

Amendment 3 (teacher evaluations) (3328 of 3329 Precincts Reported)
Yes 338,216
No 1,097,807

Amendment 6 (early voting)(3328 of 3329 Precincts Reported)
Yes 414,911
No 983,504

Amendment 10 (governor budget powers)(2,733 of 3,329 precincts reporting)
Yes 788,930
No 599,929

Cape Girardeau fire tax
Yes 4,547
No 3,040

Scott City school bond issue
Yes 692
No 258


State rep races roundup story

Missouri District 145

Charles Elrod 2,111
Shelley White Keeney 6,799

Missouri District 147

Gary L. Gaines 1,675
Kathy Swan 5,214
Greg Tlapek 615

Missouri District 149

Bill Burlison 2,768
Don Rone 3,801

District 151

Tila Hubrecht 5,752
Ryan Holder 2,503

U.S. 8th Congressional District

Barbara Stocker 38,702
Jason Smith 106,105
Rick Vandeven 3,757
Doug Enyart 3,796
Terry Hampton 6,819

Bollinger County presiding commissioner

Ronald Davis 1,347
Travis Elfrink 1,652

Cape Girardeau County presiding commissioner

Clint Tracy 12,638
Pat Wissman 3,939

Missouri Auditor (3244 of 3,331 precincts reporting)

Tom Schweich 935,637
Sean O'Toole 251,541
Rodney Farthing 88,742

Perry County Associate Circuit Judge

Jason A. Tilley 2,307
Craig D. Brewer 2,731

Scott County presiding commissioner

Jamie Burger 4,312
Will Yates 3,269

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Sikeston native running for lieutenant governor (07/02/15)
Kansas City, Missouri, lawyer Bev Randles, a native of Sikeston, Missouri, announced Wednesday the decision to end her exploratory committee and become a candidate for lieutenant governor. Randles, a Republican, made the announcement online in a YouTube video, where she shared details of her life in Sikeston and her experiences as a student at Scott County Central...
Gift to Nixon raises questions about Missouri campaign funds (06/21/15)
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- An internationally known union donated $50,000 to Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon days after he recently vetoed a contentious right-to-work measure, a sizable contribution that could help fund a re-election campaign -- if he was not term-limited from running again...
Bush, Perry join unwieldy race as new phase of GOP campaign begins (06/05/15)
WASHINGTON -- Jeb Bush stepped into the Republican race for president Thursday, finally taking his place -- after months of hints and relentless fundraising -- amid an unwieldy field of GOP candidates unlike any in recent memory. The son of one president and brother of another, the former Florida governor has the rank of front-runner and the donors to match. He now has eight months before the first votes are cast in the Iowa caucuses to prove he's worthy of both...
Missouri House speaker resigns after intern text messages (05/15/15)
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Missouri House Speaker John Diehl said Thursday he is resigning from the Legislature after acknowledging he exchanged sexually suggestive text messages with a college student serving as a Capitol intern. Diehl said he is stepping down from both his House speaker's position and his elected job as a Republican representative from suburban St. Louis. Diehl's resignation is expected to become official today, when a successor can take over...
Gubernatorial hopeful visits Cape Girardeau (05/03/15)
A day after announcing his decision to run for Missouri governor, State Sen. Mike Parson made a stop in Cape Girardeau to discuss his campaign. The Republican from Bolivar was a supporter of deceased state auditor Tom Schweich. Schweich, who was running for governor, fatally shot himself Feb. ...
Republican state Sen. Mike Parson running for governor (05/01/15)
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- State Sen. Mike Parson, who had endorsed Tom Schweich for Missouri governor before the auditor's suicide, announced Thursday he will seek the office himself, creating at least a three-way Republican primary for the state's top job...
Cape County use tax stands after recount (04/29/15)
Just nine votes separated voters' choice to allow a use tax to be levied in Cape Girardeau County after ballots were officially recounted Tuesday. The April 7 election result originally showed a 12-vote difference in favor of the tax, which prompted Jackson resident David A. Larson to request a recount. The recount was conducted in accordance with state law by the Cape Girardeau County Clerk Kara Clark Summers' office...
Voter intent may decide use-tax recount (04/27/15)
Not only has the Cape Girardeau County use-tax question demonstrated the importance of exercising the right to vote, it offers a lesson on following instructions. A petition calling for a recount was filed April 13 with the circuit clerk's office -- a move allowed by the state because the difference between the number of votes in favor and against the measure was less than 1 percent. ...
Koster leads fundraising for Mo. governor with $3M (04/16/15)
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Attorney General Chris Koster had more than $3 million in cash on hand to spend on his bid for Missouri governor in 2016, campaign records released Wednesday show, more than twice the amount of the lead Republican fundraiser in the race, former state House speaker Catherine Hanaway...
Use tax, other ballot questions certified by clerk's office (04/12/15)
The Cape Girardeau County Clerk's office on Friday certified voters' passage of a use tax planned to go toward new court facilities. County Clerk Kara Clark Summers said a random check of ballots in two of the county's 30 precincts -- which is standard certification procedure -- yielded one additional "yes" vote for the tax, which Tuesday passed by 12 votes with 3,532 in favor and 3,520 against...
Use-tax vote reveals urban-rural split (04/09/15)
Based on Tuesday's election results, the countywide use tax question seemed to highlight a division within Cape Girardeau County. Of the county's 30 precincts -- including absentee ballots -- half were in favor of the 1 percent use-tax question, while the other half were against...
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