The story behind Cape’s Professional Fashion Uniforms

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Monday, June 13, 2022 ~ Updated 4:42 PM

The rules were different 40 years ago when two women decided to open a uniform shop serving area medical offices and hospitals.

Geraldine Stone, RN, and her friend, Margaret Edmondson opened Professional Fashion Uniforms and quickly found they couldn’t open a checking account for the business, get a business loan or buy insurance without their husbands’ signatures on the paperwork.

They reluctantly agreed. The business took off.

One of their biggest setbacks happened in the ’80s when a flash flood caused the Cape LaCroix Creek to overflow, covering Town Plaza, with three feet of water in the store. They recovered.

Today, Barb, Geraldine’s daughter, owns the store, providing uniforms for health care employees and chef wear. It is the only uniform shop between St. Louis and Memphis.

They serve major hospitals, nursing centers and offices in the area with the newest scrub designs and medical accessories from fashion forward companies in the industry.