Local Contractor receives national award

Pictured from left to right are: Mike Sitze ,SEMO Brad Mitchell, CEO Earth Contact Products Tommy Lambert SEMO Jon Michael CFO Earth Contact Products Josh James SEMO Aaron Graham National Sales Manager ECP Kenn Riehn owner Semo Brandon Walters President of ECP

Semo Mudjacking & Piering of Cape Girardeau was recently awarded the "Project of the Year" from a global manufacturer out of Olathe, KS. Semo is a 34 year old specialty construction company based here in the heartland.

The project was conceived and is being financed in a large part by the Walton family from Bentonville, Ar., world headquarters to Walmart. It includes a mile long combination boardwalk and bike path through a wetlands area within the city where wildlife such as beavers, ducks, etc. have chose as their home.

When completed, the boardwalk will connect visitors to not only the many beaver dams and houses, but also to a lake for fishing and kayaking, and a nature center. Construction is expected to be completed later this year.

Using special equipment such as an amphibious excavator, Semo Mudjacking & Piering were able to install over 1000 piers in a little over 3 weeks in the wetlands to support the boardwalk without disturbing the wildlife.

Some areas of water were over 6 feet deep. This amphibious excavator simply begins to float at a depth of four feet, and propels itself through the water using it's tracks.
Partally completed boardwalk
One of the Beaver's homes with one of the dams in the background.
Piers being driven for the boardwalk foundation left Ricky Pecaut Right Josh Sheneumeyer