Montgomery Bank offers CardProtect™ feature to protect clients’ finances

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Friday, May 26, 2023

Montgomery Bank offers CardProtect, a feature that provides real-time alerts, fraud protection and clarity in transactions. With CardProtect, customers can rest assured their Montgomery Bank debit cards are secure.

CardProtect not only helps with fraud protection, but it can help parents manage their spending or their child’s spending from that account.

While features such as CardProtect are important to provide, Montgomery Bank also wants to ensure their customers will always receive the community bank service they are accustomed to.

“At Montgomery Bank, we offer big bank products with community bank service,” said Linda Horrell, Montgomery Bank Regional Retail Manager. “CardProtect is just one of many online and mobile banking services we offer our customers. With Zelle® you send money almost instantly. With TransferNow® you can transfer funds between financial institutions, but we also want our customers who don’t like all the technology to know they can come into our bank and we will help them take care of them face to face as well.”

Montgomery is proud to have served the Cape Girardeau community for over 30 years and look forward to providing easier and friendlier financial services for many more.